Posted by MiniCo on Jun 7, 2012 12:00:00 AM Launched!

If your life has ever been touched by cancer, please READ THIS! I am excited to announce that the website has launched. Our foundation started in 2007 with the mission to support, supply, and serve families dealing with pediatric cancer. has been developed over the last ten months to better satisfy that mission. We have created a one-stop, first resource for patients and families looking for information and how-to’s in dealing with childhood cancer. Additionally, we provide a free platform for patients to get the word out and raise support, this is an enhancement on our original vision to provide patients with free webpages. So, what makes unique? · Our site provides patients with a powerful social network. The patient can use their profile just like a web page, with many other robust features. · When a patient receives a donation from their “GiveToKids” application, 100% of the donation is directed to that patient! · We believe in the power of Prayer. Patients, families, and sponsors can both ask for prayer, and pray for others. Ways you can help: · First, go to and check it out. Since the site is in BETA, I need your feedback, comments, or concerns that you may have. · Second, while you are in the site join the KCS Community. The KCS Community is a social network designed to give patients, families, friends, and sponsors a place to join, connect, and heal. It is a social network very much like Facebook, MySpace, or LinkedIn that gives you the ability to customize your profile or place in the community. You can join as a public or private user, but please join and give me your feedback. · Third, get the word out. Once a member of the KCS Community, please invite others to join. Since our network is integrated with Facebook, it is simple to invite friends. You may not know any children or families dealing with pediatric cancer, but your social networks do. JOIN our social-network / CONNECT with other families / HEAL with the support of others Thank you for helping us help children with cancer. With your support, kids can survive their battles with cancer. Blessings, Kurt O’Brien, CEO at Simply Self Storage]]>