Kansas City Startup, StorageAhead, Appoints Robert Zhou as President

Posted by MiniCo on Dec 18, 2013 12:00:00 AM

Kansas City Startup, StorageAhead, Appoints Robert Zhou as President

StorageAhead, a Kansas City-based web marketing company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Bob Zhou as President, effective November 18, 2013. Mr. Zhou, who had been the VP of Engineering and CTO with the company since its inception in 2008, will manage all operational aspects of the company.

According to Dan Miller, who will remain as CEO, “Bob has taken a more proactive role in all aspects of the business in the past year. In addition to driving our SEO and technology, Bob assumed responsibility for marketing last February, driving our content, branding and design operations. It is only fitting that Bob has the title that goes along with the job he has been performing.”

Although many StorageAhead employees won’t see much difference in the daily routine

as a result of the change, the company has undergone a major transformation over the past year. Miller believes “the rapid growth presents several new opportunities and challenges which Bob is ready to approach head on.” According to Zhou, “with sales up nearly 50% percent and record profits in 2013, it’s great, but never enough. We have so much work to do in terms of market penetration and new product development.” In order to continue pushing the company past its current boundaries, Miller will be spending more time focusing efforts on business development and strategies needed to grow Red Nova Labs even faster.

Storage Ahead focuses on boosting online visibility for storage facility owners and operators. With the upcoming release of StorageAhead’s newest product StorEdge, facility management software for self storage, Miller can now spend more time developing this market and helping define an integrated business strategy in moving forward. Miller is ready to pass the torch in light of the company’s growth, saying “Bob has been instrumental in the growth and success of Red Nova Labs and has proven he is capable of taking us further, faster.”

For more information, e-mail info@rednovalabs.com or call (913) 384-5700.

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