From The MSM Archives: DRIVING MOVE-INS WITH TRUCK RENTALS: The Benefits Of Providing Moving Trucks

Posted by MiniCo on Jul 25, 2013 12:00:00 AM

From The MSM Archives: DRIVING MOVE-INS WITH TRUCK RENTALS: The Benefits Of Providing Moving Trucks

Imagine catching wind of a marketing tool with the potential of generating hundreds upon hundreds of positive visual impres­sions to prospective customers everyday. Assume that a fair percentage of these pro­spective customers would become paying customers. No doubt, if you’re a discerning business manager or owner, you’re going to give serious attention to this new find.

“Sixteen million visual impressions per year,” the Web site boasts. “Six hundred visual impressions for every mile driven.” This Web site belongs to On The Move, Inc., a company that, since 1992, has been provid­ing storage businesses and others with a means of increasing profits by leasing moving trucks from them.

“It’s a one-stop-shop,” says Sylvain Mallaise, sales associate and insurance spe­cialist for On The Move, based in Boerne, Texas. Storage companies get a brand new truck, ample insurance coverage for it, and the truck comes complete with the com­pany’s logo and advertising message visibly displayed. The truck also comes with a five-year, 1,000 mile warranty, though the general day-to-day maintenance is the responsibility of the storage facility. Mallaise believes that his company’s program offers a great tool for storage facilities just starting out. “It will increase their business just through notoriety within the community,” Mallaise says.

Obviously, for self-storage owners, the motivation for keeping a moving truck (or trucks) on site is profitability. The vehicle can become a roaming billboard of sorts when the storage facility lends out the truck as a free, local, move-in service to its customers (those carrying a valid driver’s license and insurance). While the truck is being driven through area neighborhoods it’s conveying the stor­age company’s logo, address, phone number, and “free move-in” message to the general public.

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