Ensuring Security in Self-Storage Units

Posted by Poppy Behrens on Jul 11, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Ensuring Security in Self-Storage Units

Capture900 When placing valuable items and priceless heirlooms in storage-facility, self storage unit security is usually at the top of every customer’s mind. Ensuring that items stay protected from break-ins and security breaches is essential. There are ways that the facility, its property managers, and the individual customer can protect units from potential theft. Security Requirements for a Self-Storage Unit:

Bright Facilities

Well-lit properties with automatic lighting can deter thieves who may be more apt to choose a darker, more concealed location. Bright lighting also helps patrons feel more safe when accessing their units.

Electronic Security Gates

A high quality storage facility will be equipped with an electronic security gate. These types of gates are only accessible by individual security codes given to each occupant.

High Fences

A tall, barbed wire fence helps keep unwanted guests away from the facility.

Property Managers

Well-trained, responsive, and alert property managers are key players in secure facility. At Proguard Self-Storage in Houston, property managers have access to 24/7 video surveillance feeds to help catch suspicious activity.

Alarmed Units

If a break-in is suspected, a unit that is equipped with an alarm can immediately alert onsite property managers.

All staff working on-site should be trained in how to identify and catch potential thieves. They should know how to handle an emergency. While high-tech security options are essential to maintaining a safe property, effective safety measures are best implemented by humans themselves.

Choosing the Right Lock

Individual customers should concern themselves with finding an impenetrable lock to protect their cherished items. “Enforcer” slip-in cylinder locks are high-quality locks built into the door of a unit, offering several layers of protection. Customers may also choose high-tech options such as a Bluetooth lock, or go the more traditional route with a padlock accessible by a key.

Proguard Self-Storage, with locations throughout Houston, TX, maintains safe, secure facilities for customers’ peace of mind. Self storage unit security should be at the top of every storage company’s list and we make it a priority. Visit our website for more information.