Posted by MiniCo on Jul 11, 2012 12:00:00 AM


E-SoftSys TM, makers of  Self Storage Manager TM, the Ultimate Management Software and e-CRM, has committed to extend the partnership formed last year by donating an additional year of web site design and maintenance services to Kure It Cancer Research TM. In addition, E-SoftSys will develop a mobile site for Kure It. The announcement was recently made by Kat Shenoy, the President and CEO of E-SoftSys. Having lost a brother to cancer a couple of years ago, Shenoy is acutely aware of the pain and sadness that cancer brings and the need to find ways to cure the disease. Shenoy met Barry Hoeven, the founder of Kure It and owner of US Storage Centers, through their mutual involvement in self storage and was impressed by Kure It’s dedication to finding a cure.

“Anyone who has met Barry and knows what he, himself, has gone through with cancer can understand why Kure It is such a special organization to support,” says Shenoy. “Everyone in the self storage industry should support worthy causes and Kure It is one of the most efficiently run charity organizations I have come across. We will continue to support Kure It in whatever ways possible and spread the word about the cause throughout the industry.”

E-SoftSys will continue to provide pro bono services, including website updates and maintenance, all aimed at the advancement of Kure It’s mission to raise awareness and dollars for underfunded cancer research.

Karen Jones, Director of Kure It, expressed her gratitude to E-SoftSys, “The donation of services from E-SoftSys allows us to keep our website current and relevant, something that is out of reach for many nonprofits. With the significant cost savings, we can direct more of our fundraising to cancer research.”

In 2012, Kure It will award grants totaling $350,000 to researchers at Oregon Health Sciences University and through a partnership with the American Association for Cancer Research.

About Kure It

Kure It is a non-profit organization whose mission is to raise money for research specialists conducting innovative projects to better treat and ultimately cure kidney and other underfunded cancers.  Since 2007, Kure It has raised over $1 million for research.

About E-SoftSys

E-SoftSys is the developer of Self Storage Manager – The Ultimate Management Software for self-storage industry. Self Storage Manager is a comprehensive management software program that helps self-storage operators streamline their processes and manage their businesses more effectively by increasing revenue, reducing costs, and improving customer service.  Self Storage Manager is available in Windows-based Standard Edition or Web-based Enterprise Edition, with a variety of interfaces and modules, including e-CRM – a fully integrated customer relationship management application, online payments, reservations and rentals, QlikView Business Intelligence & Analytics Interface, Mobile Websites, Mobile Apps, iPad®/Tablet based Site Walkthrough, Kiosk Interface, all backed by 24×7 customer support. For more information, please contact E-SoftSys at 800-469-1740 Ext. 1, e-mail us, or visit www.selfstoragemanager.com.