DC Self Storage Sees Growth During Government Shutdown in Capital

Posted by MiniCo on Nov 11, 2013 12:00:00 AM

DC Self Storage Sees Growth During Government Shutdown in Capital

Officials expected the recent government shutdown and the ongoing sequesters to be a detriment to the economy, particularly in the greater Washington D.C. area. For many people and businesses, this has been the case. The businesses least hit have been those considered a “primary need.” One D.C. business that experienced substantial growth during the past few weeks is Secure Self Storage’s Washington D.C. storage location.

“Even with all the government gyrations, the storage business has continued to stay strong; proving itself a primary need, just like apartments,” says Bill Green the Washington D.C. Secure Self Storage manager.

One speculative reason is that due to government workers missing work and national attractions being closed, Washington D.C. saw much less activity. With less people around, vendors were overstocked with new merchandise and had to find room for it. Some likely turned to self storage units to store their excess wares until they could unload their older items.

Another possible cause for the increase in self storage usage is that, with the sequesters and shutdown, departments like the Department of Housing and Urban Development can’t process new FHA and other loans so people are stuck with their housing situations, unable to move to larger spaces. So either they turn to storage units to reduce the clutter in their homes or they are between homes and need a place to store their stuff until they can get approved for mortgages.

The most likely reason though for the growth in storage in Washington D.C. is as simple as the many government workers who didn’t have to go into their jobs so they had a lot more free time. With that time, they were able to tackle projects around the house. One such project would be organizing and reducing their clutter. With the time off from work, they were able to figure out what items didn’t need to be in the house and could be stored in a nearby self storage facility.

Without a doubt, the government shutdown and sequesters are detrimental for America as a whole. But for self storage facilities in Washington D.C., the government’s problems aren’t so bad.

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