Collegiate Storage and Rental to Host Student Micro-Business Program

Posted by msmessenger on Apr 12, 2013 12:00:00 AM
New York area college students from New York University, Columbia, NYIT, Juilliard, and others looking to gain real world experience while earning cash at the same time can now apply for Collegiate Storage and Rental’s new Student Ambassador Program. Starting this semester, the local storage, rental and shipping company will choose one ambassador per housing unit who will represent the company on campus at more than 20 New York City area colleges and universities. The program will provide students with the opportunity to run a micro-business from their dorm and serve as the liaison between Collegiate and their campus residence.
The Student Ambassador Program will offer students the chance to get resume-worthy experience. Each student ambassador will be in charge of informing their peers of the shipping and storage services Collegiate offers, and for promoting sales from their building. For every new order that comes from their residence hall, they will receive a commission: $20.00 for every Humungous Box order, $15.00 for every Four Box order, and $10.00 for every Baby Humungous Box order. The students will learn leadership and communication skills, as well as how to run a micro-business during the ambassador program.

Owner of Collegiate Storage and Rental, Kevin Curran said, “I believe this program will be valuable to both students and Collegiate because it gives students the opportunity to make some cash during the school year, and it gives us a chance to get to know students with leadership skills. It will also teach students how to communicate about services, a valuable experience as they near graduation.”

Interested students can apply by going to and clicking on the Student Ambassador Program tab. The website also provides the list of colleges the company provides services for and from which ambassadors can apply.

About Collegiate Storage and Rental

Since 2009, Collegiate Storage and Rental has helped New York area college students and their parents with their college storage and shipping needs. Collegiate provides customers with a convenient, secure and cost-effective alternative to traditional self-storage and household moving and provides customers with a personalized experience for shipping and storage for summer or study abroad. Collegiate Storage operates out of Hewlett, NY and serves more than 20 colleges and universities in the New York metro area. For more information, visit the company website at