Chelsea Cloisters Car Park Now Offering More Self-Storage Facilities

Posted by MiniCo on Mar 31, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Chelsea Cloisters Car Park Now Offering More Self-Storage Facilities

Chelsea Cloisters Car Park, the leading car park in the west end of London, is pleased to announce they are now able to offer more self-storage facilities for their clients. The company offers a wide range of services and benefits on top of the standard car parking facilities and the self-storage solutions provided have been extremely popular. This high level of demand has been recognised, and the firm is pleased to announce they are now providing an increased level of self-storage options, offering the same level of security and affordability, without impacting on the car parking space available on site.

Located on Sloane Avenue, Chelsea Cloisters Car Park is regarded as the leading car park Kensington has to offer. There is space for 140 cars in the car park, and there are attendants on site 24 hours a day. There are also CCTV cameras covering the car park, making it one of the safest and most secure parking options in London. Car parking space is available from just one hour all the way through to long-term parking solutions which the firm is happy to offer. With so many attractions and retail outlets in this part of the city, the company behind the car park understands that different users have different needs and demands for the car parking service. This is why there is a broad range of car parking options on offer.

In addition to car parking services and the expanded self-storage facilities on offer, Chelsea Cloisters Car Park provides a number of other features. Any car owner that is looking to benefit from the best quality hand car wash Kensington has to offer should appreciate what is on offer. The car park offers a range of luxury car wash services, starting from £15 and this service can be carried out while the car owner is taking care of their own business or enjoying themselves at one of the local attractions. There is also a Kwik-Fit and independent garage available on site, so any car owner looking to have their car serviced will find that they can do so here.

The self-storage facilities offered by the car park do not have to be used in conjunction with booking a parking space; they are available for anyone that needs access to affordable and reliable self-storage facilities. With a broad range of features on offer at an affordable price in an exclusive location, the Chelsea Cloisters Car Park is fast becoming the number one parking area in this part of London.

About Chelsea Cloisters Car Park

Chelsea Cloisters Car Park provides affordable and secure parking facilities for 140 cars in Sloan Avenue, in the exclusive west end of London. The car park also offers a number of additional services to clients including car washes, servicing and self-storage facilities. Car parking can be arranged for long and short term stays.

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