4 Ways to Improve Your Self Storage Blog

Posted by Poppy Behrens on Jun 10, 2016 12:00:00 AM


If you’re struggling to get traffic to your self storage blog or keep readers on-page for longer than a few seconds, it may be time for an update. There are always opportunities to improve your blog, whether in the content you’re producing or in the layout and design. Here are four ways you can improve readability and design on your facility’s blog to provide a better user experience for readers.

Simplify the Design

Blogs with cluttered layouts, that are hard to navigate, and that make posts difficult to view can be frustrating for readers. If you’re trying to draw potential customers to your self storage blog—and eventually lead them to conversion points on your website—the last thing you want to do is push people away. Try simplifying the look and feel of your blog so that it’s easier to read and navigate. This is important because it allows readers to quickly find information they’re looking for, and it means they may even stay on your site longer.

Edit Your Blog Posts

Always review your blog posts before you post them. You don’t want people who are new to your blog to get a bad impression of your facility, especially if they’re potential customers. You don’t need to go out and hire an editor. Start small with online resources that can help you avoid obvious mistakes. It’s incredible how quickly you can find misspellings and poor grammar when simply reviewing a post.

Break Up Your Posts

Internet readers can get bored or overwhelmed with long posts and large blocks of text. An easy way to break up the page is to add headers, images, and videos. Breaks help readers rest their eyes a moment and quickly find important information. This is especially true when viewing posts on mobile devices, as trying to read a post with 1,000+ words and no breaks on a phone or tablet is annoying.

Stick to Topics Within Your Industry

When you’re deciding what you’ll write about, make sure it always ties back to self storage. This makes it easier for new customers to connect you back to the industry as a whole, giving them a better sense that they’ve come to the right place for storage information. If you only have a few posts discussing topics related to the storage industry, and everything else is about movies or cute animals, customers may be confused about what you do.

Take a moment to look through your self storage blog and consider where you can make changes that will improve the overall experience for your readers. That way, current customers will be happier to come back and read new posts, and potential customers won’t be as quick to turn away.

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