White Label Storage Focused On Third-Party Management

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Jun 3, 2024 2:21:49 PM

White Label Storage, a premier third-party management company specializing in remote self-storage management nationwide, is redefining the industry standard with its innovative approach. Co-founded by Alex Harman and Peter Smyth, the company now has a portfolio of over 90 facilities under management, leveraging years of experience to help self-storage owners maximize profitability while managing the complexities of day-to-day operations.


Transforming Self-Storage with Expert Management

White Label Storage provides a comprehensive suite of services, including:

  • Customer Support & Call Center Services
  • Revenue Management & Maximization
  • Expense Analysis & Reduction
  • Property Maintenance Coordination
  • Expert Self-Storage Marketing
  • Delinquency & Auction Management
  • Bookkeeping & Comprehensive Reporting
  • Technology Assessment & Improvement

Screenshot 2024-06-03 at 2.10.53 PM"Our mission is straightforward: To empower self-storage owners to do less and earn more," said Hartman. "Our proprietary technology and tailored management solutions are designed to streamline operations and enhance profitability for our clients."


From Local Locker to White Label Storage

In 2018, Hartman and Smyth founded Local Locker Storage, a self-storage company with a mission to bring storage closer to where people live and work. They did so by converting unused commercial spaces into small storage facilities in city neighborhoods. Because these facilities were not large enough to support full-time staff, they developed a team, technology, and processes to run the facilities remotely. Local Locker now spans more than 50 locations across the country.


Building on this success, Hartman and Smyth launched White Label Storage to bring their innovative management techniques to a wider audience, offering facility owners an effective way to increase revenue and optimize operations.


Commitment to Excellence and Partnership

Screenshot 2024-06-03 at 2.11.01 PMWhite Label Storage distinguishes itself not just as a service provider but as a partner committed to its clients' success. By assigning dedicated expert teams to each facility, White Label Storage ensures meticulous attention to detail and tailored training to meet specific site requirements. The company’s commitment to transparent communication means clients are always informed and involved in the management process.


"We believe in forming true partnerships with our clients," said Smyth. "We strive to be more than just a service provider; we aim to be a trusted partner in your success. Our goal is to make your business thrive."


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Phone: (913) 562-7953