Tenant, Inc. Unveils New Features for Its Self-Storage SaaS Platform

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Feb 27, 2024 12:55:59 PM

Tenant, Inc., a vertical SaaS technology platform company that offers a complete ecosystem tailored to the self-storage industry, unveiled several new features  designed to help self-storage operators significantly streamline their business processes and gain valuable data insights at the 10th Annual Storelocal Innovation Summit.


This wave of feature releases is part of Tenant, Inc.'s continued mission to develop best-in-class technology products that provide value to the self-storage industry.

Tenant, Inc. presented the following new features:

  • Targeted & Filtered Tabs on Landing Pages
    This feature utilizes query parameters to filter landing pages for specific storage sizes or types. This allows marketers to create targeted, feature-specific campaigns that direct visitors to specialized landing pages for  a more streamlined sales funnel.
  • Google Analytics 4 Advanced Setup and Looker Studio Dashboards
    Tenant, Inc.'s Digital Marketing team has developed a Google Analytics architecture specifically tailored for self-storage operators with multiple storage facilities, which allows them to view their entire portfolio, or view data on individual facilities or groups of facilities. By visualizing the data in Looker Studio, self-storage operators can now easily gain valuable insight with the data visualization flexibility they need.
  • One-Time Payment Links
    Storage operators can generate payment links which allow their customers to pay their rent quickly and securely with one easy click. No logins are necessary.
  • Unified Communications
    Now, storage facilities can organize, manage, and deploy all customer communications  through one central place.
  • Rent Management
    This feature provides a streamlined way for self-storage operators to automate rental rates by creating sets of rules and conditions.
  • Tenant Warehouse
    Tenant, Inc., has differentiated itself from other players in the self-storage software industry by offering a data abstraction layer. With Tenant Warehouse, customers can build customized data reports with their choice of visualization tools like Power BI, Qlik View, Tableau, or other tools of customer's preference. Additionally, Tenant, Inc., is offering a storage-specific, pre-built Power BI dashboard to provide unparalleled business insights to customers with ease and convenience.
  • Promotions Management
    The Promotions Management feature enhances the capabilities of our storage facility management software by enabling storage operators to easily manage pricing promotions, and control how they are displayed on their websites.


The Storelocal Innovation Summit provides Storelocal Storage founders, members, and partners with a chance to come together as a community to learn about industry trends and technology, to strategize, brainstorm, and network with some of the most innovative and forward-looking self-storage operators in the industry who are interested in competing with much larger storage conglomerates.


"We couldn't be happier with both the turnout and the event as a whole," said Travis Morrow, CEO of Storelocal. "Between the Storelocal business presentations and Tenant, Inc.'s technology sessions, the conference center was abuzz with enthusiasm. The Q&A sessions and networking were also invaluable, as they allowed us the valuable feedback that inspires us to deliver even more to our members."


Lance Watkins, CEO of Tenant, Inc., said, "It was a proud moment to see the Tenant, Inc. team, who had worked tirelessly over the past year, bring to fruition and present this series of industry-leading features and analytics. This is a critical time as the self-storage industry undergoes rapid digital transformation, and our recent innovations make our platform more robust than ever. The Innovation Summit was the perfect venue for us to demonstrate our enhanced capabilities."


This year's Storelocal Innovation Summit celebrated its  10th year with record-high attendance; a testament that Storelocal members' continue to benefit from the organization, and show keen interest in Tenant, Inc.'s, emerging technologies that can greatly improve their business operations.


About Storelocal 

Storelocal is a membership organization created to empower independent self-storage owners and operators to increase their competitive advantage in the marketplace. Storelocal members gain access to a multitude of discounts, enabling them to lower operational costs and increase profits through access to best-in-class products and services, in-house technology development, and vendor partnerships.


In addition to membership, Storelocal offers the ability to join the Storelocal Storage brand, a program that offers self-storage owners a complete Ops-in-a-Box platform, including Tenant, Inc.'s state-of-the-art property management software,  branding elements, and storage rental websites on the storelocal.com domain with recognized domain authority.


With more than 1,500 members and a real estate value worth more than $10 billion, Storelocal is stronger than ever.


About Tenant, Inc.

Tenant, Inc. is a technology company which offers a cloud-based, all-in-one vertical SaaS technology solution, purpose-built for the self-storage industry. Tenant, Inc. provides a single platform of storage facility management software, storage rental websites, marketing, payment processing, data analytics, and other technology solutions that give self-storage operators everything they need to run their business efficiently across point of sale, operations, and online rentals.