StorageTrader Launches Self-Storage Investment Platform

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Mar 19, 2024 8:55:37 AM

StorageTrader, the first fintech marketplace designed exclusively for the self-storage industry, has officially launched its real estate platform. According to a press release, StorageTrader will give owners seeking capital for acquisitions, expansions, and renovations a direct line to a pool of accredited investors.


"Self-storage has proven itself as an incredibly stable and profitable asset class, yet many potential investors have been sidelined due to lack of access," said Melissa Kempkes, co-founder and CEO of StorageTrader. "Our platform not only opens the door to these opportunities but does so in a way that's straightforward and transparent."


Owners seeking capital must submit offers to StorageTrader's team of investment professionals, who conduct a 30-step due diligence process. Potential investors must also become verified through an identity and credit check, and must invest a minimum of $10K. The vetting process for both owners and investors "ensures that every listed project aligns with StorageTrader's high standards for credibility, stability, and potential for growth."


Any capital raised is held in escrow until minimums have been met, at which point StorageTrader sends the money to the deal sponsor. At maturity, investors receive the agreed upon repayment, facilitated by StorageTrader.


"We're not just a platform; we're a community of investors and owners who believe in the power and potential of the self-storage market," stated Alese Johnston, co-founder and President of StorageTrader. "Our first offering going live this week is just the beginning. We're committed to making investing in self-storage as easy as shopping online."


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