Storage Units Housed $11m of Counterfeit Items | MSM

Posted by Admin on Jul 13, 2023 12:00:00 AM

From hats to handbags, shoes to sunglasses, police recently discovered 16,644 counterfeit items at three storage units, a retail value of $11.3 million. The items boasted familiar labels such as Gucci, Nike, Rolex, and North Face. They were in storage at an Extra Space Storage facility at 53 Clinton Street, Shewsbury, Massachusetts.

The phony goods were uncovered after police had received a report of gunshots in the area. During their search, officers – unable to locate the source of the alleged gunfire – noticed unusual activity within the facility. The official police account reads:

“While checking the property of Extra Space Storage, officers observed multiple vehicles and encountered an individual in front of a storage unit. The investigation led officers into the storage unit which they observed this individual exiting. When officers entered the storage unit, they observed what appeared to be thousands of items of merchandise. The merchandise was neatly displayed on shelves, tables and boxes, and laid out in a manner similar to how they would be displayed in a retail store for sale.”

Officers also noted that the interior walls of three adjoining storage units had been removed. As part of the investigation, Shrewsbury police worked with a company that represents trademark holders. Together they are seeking to identify those behind the counterfeit items.

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