9-Month Self-Storage Moratorium in Cape Coral Passes

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Apr 27, 2023 12:00:00 AM

Don’t expect to see any new self-storage facilities in Cape Coral, Florida for a while.

In a unanimous decision, the city has approved a moratorium on new self-storage facilities until January 2024. This nine-month period is meant to halt the recent growth of facilities within the city, while giving city leaders time to consider and/or adopt new regulations around the construction of self-storage facilities.

Currently, Cape Coral has approximately 20 self storage facilities covering 1.5 million square feet, with another 1 million square feet under construction or in the permitting process.

Although city officials acknowledge there is demand for the service (“When you’re a 92% residential community like Cape Coral, there’s going to be a need for storage space,” said Council Member Tom Hayden), they also believe the city needs time to better plan for self-storage projects.

Developers that began the permitting process prior to March 15 are being grandfathered in, while those who applied after that date – at least two, according to the city – can file a “claim of vested rights” within 90 days of the moratorium. They will then need to go before the city council to argue for beginning their developments.

Shortly after this decision was made, officials in another Florida city, Vero Beach, also put a moratorium on self storage facilities in areas near downtown. This 180-moratorium is meant to give the city council time to draft permanent legislation around self-storage facilities.

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