Couple Arrested For multiple break-ins at smartStop facility

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Mar 27, 2024 2:06:27 PM

Although the SmartStop Self Storage located at 1931 Spartanburg Highway has suffered a series of setbacks lately, the good news is that all crimes committed on the property have resulted in arrests.


In early March, over 100 units caught fire causing considerable damage. The investigation was successful, leading to the arrest of arsonists Boyzel White, 43, and Brandon Tornabene, 34.


More recently, the location has been plagued by multiple storage unit break-ins. Now, a man and woman have been arrested in conjunction with the crimes following an investigation. Deputies said multiple search warrants were executed, and interviews conducted with suspects and victims. As a result, several truckloads of property were recovered.


Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 1.38.10 PM


Both suspects, Rebecca Lynn Luna and Martin Alfaro, were charged with the following:

  • Four counts of breaking & entering
  • Four counts of larceny after breaking & entering
  • Four counts of conspiracy to commit breaking & entering
  • Four counts of possession of stolen goods

The couple is being held at the Henderson County Detention Center. Luna is being held on a $675,000 bond and Alfaro on a $50,000 bond.


If any tenant or self-storage operator believes they may have also been a victim of one of their break-ins, the Sheriff's office asks that you call 828-694-2789 by April 30, 2024.