Copper Storage Launches New Investment Fund

Posted by msmessenger on Oct 2, 2023 1:36:24 PM

Copper Storage Group is pleased to announce the official launch of its highly anticipated self-storage investment fund, opening the door for accredited investors to engage in nationwide facility acquisitions under the Copper Safe Storage brand.

The fund's core objectives are to identify and acquire underperforming assets in need of professional management, streamline operational costs through automated remote management processes, unlock additional revenue streams via strategic expansion and ancillary services, and leverage favorable market conditions for property disposal at enhanced valuations.


Bob Copper, Principal of the fund, encapsulates the fund's vision: "We're excited to introduce our self-storage investment fund as a strategic entry point into a thriving market with significant potential for returns. Backed by our extensive industry experience and proven track record, we're thrilled to get started on this profitable journey with our investors."

The Fund’s executive team includes Bob Copper, Bill Copper, Terry Campbell, Brett Copper, and Jacob Copper. To explore investment opportunities and gain comprehensive insights into the fund's offerings, please reach out to


About Copper Storage Group

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