Wrestler/Actor Chris Jericho to star in thriller "Self Storage"

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Feb 5, 2024 9:54:53 AM

Another self-storage horror flick is coming to a theater streaming service near you. Professional wrestler and occasional actor Chris Jericho is set to executive produce and co-star in a new psychological thriller called (wait for it...) Self Storage.  The news comes per Variety.


The film comes on the heels of a recent spate of low-budget thrillers set in a self storage facility, such as Locked In (2021), The Hoarder (2015), Blood Shed (2014), Storage 24 (2012), and another one titled Self Storage from 2013. 


This new title does boast a somewhat higher pedigree, however, as it is based on a well-reviewed novel of the same name from Jay Bonansinga. The author, who has written several The Walking Dead novelizations and previously collaborated with the late comic book legend Stan Lee on the book series The Devil’s Quintet, will also direct the film.


The story centers on a heroin-addicted father and his son who accidentally lock themselves inside a self-storage unit and have to "battle demons both real and manufactured by drug withdrawal." Lew Temple, who coincidentally starred as Axel on The Walking Dead television series, is set to play the father while Jericho's role is still unknown.