CallPotential set to power KO Storage's 200+ facilities

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Nov 8, 2023 4:43:04 PM

CallPotential has been selected by self-storage operator KO Storage (KO) to power their internal call center operations. The strategic partnership will enable KO to leverage the full potential of CallPotential's suite through its integration with storEDGE facility management software.


KO Storage, which spans 24 states with 200+ facilities, will now leverage CallPotential's technology to streamline its operations and amplify its customer-centric approach.


"After months of vetting CallPotential’s software, the driving decision was the recent unity of CallPotential with Storable," says Charles Gardiner, President of KO Storage. "Storable’s storEDGE has played a crucial role in our scalability, and we’re excited to elevate even further with CallPotential’s continued innovation and unified contact center solutions.”


“We’re looking forward to working with KO to transform their tenant communication and operations” says CallPotential Founder and President, Phil Murphy. “We’re seeing more and more operators realize the value that a unified contact center can present, and even further through CallPotential’s deep integration with industry-leading facility management systems."


The CallPotential-storEDGE integration offers seamless and comprehensive insights that empower self-storage operators with enhanced customer management, communication, and operational efficiency. This synergy aligns perfectly with KO Storage's commitment to delivering superior service to its customers.


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