Bill Passes CA Legislature; Needs Support

Posted by msmessenger on Sep 19, 2023 8:54:56 AM

On Sept. 6, a bill (AB 542) supported by the Self Storage Association and California Self Storage Association (CSSA) passed in the Senate with a vote of 40-0. Five days later it passed the assembly with a unanimous vote.


AB 542, which limits newspaper notifications on liens and permits facility operators to advertise lien sales on any publicly accessible internet website that customarily conducts or advertises online auctions or sales in lieu of two consecutive weeks of print newspaper advertisement, still needs to be signed by Gov. Newsom by Oct. 14, 2023.


To help the CSSA get the bill signed, owner-operators within the state are encouraged to send him a letter that requests his signature. To download the letter, click this link: AB 542 Request for signature -- Template.docx; to copy and paste the letter, click this link: