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Posted by Admin on Jun 15, 2023 12:00:00 AM

Finding your niche in self storage sometimes means tapping into niche markets such as wine enthusiasts. In 2018, MSM wrote that “developing successful wine storage requires precision, high-quality supplies, and good timing.” For Big Yellow Group, a self-storage company headquartered in England, that time is now.

Big Yellow Group (BYG:LSE) is the largest public self-storage company in the United Kingdom and has the highest brand awareness in the sector. While their facilities are typically large, functional buildings, the company’s 109th store is a much more elegant affair. It’s located in Kings Cross, an area in the heart of London that is home to upmarket boutiques, lifestyle brands, hip bars, trendy eateries, and the offices of numerous tech giants. The location also makes it convenient for European wine purchasers and those traveling to the UK by Eurostar.

About the Big Yellow Wine Storage Facility

The location and design of the facility is meant to attract wine collectors and business owners who, as we previously wrote, “demand first-class services and amenities, upscale finishes, and top-notch security.” The flagship facility features an enormous art installation from famed London artist Danny Rolph, along with 400 individual climate-controlled wine cellars. Each cellar has individual alarms, making them perfect for restaurateurs, wine distributors, event organizers, and collectors. While the smallest cellars hold just 12 cases of wine, many significantly larger cellars are also available.

In addition to wine storage, customers can also rent out the facility’s on-site tasting room. This allows them to store their wines and host tastings all under one roof.

“The new Kings Cross store demonstrates an exciting journey of innovation and growth for Big Yellow Self Storage, with the state-of-the-art facilities and wine cellars being an example of this,” Nick Vetch, chairman of the self-storage company, told Decanter. Vetch founded the business along with Philip Burks and James Gibson in 1998 and opened the first store in Richmond upon Thames in Surrey the following year. “We are also thrilled to have the opportunity to support and showcase the incredible talent of a local artist like Danny, who captivated us with his artistic vision and skill,” he added.

Big Yellow also has a wine storage facility in Fulham, England. See more about both Big Yellow locations here.

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