Amazon Hub Delivery Helps Businesses Earn Money

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Jun 26, 2023 12:00:00 AM

From retail items to truck rentals, many in self storage are always looking for new revenue streams. Now, a new Amazon Hub Delivery program can help self storage and other business owners earn extra income (up to $27,000 per year, according to Amazon). The shipping giant has announced it is looking for 2,500 partners to jumpstart the program. 

How Amazon Hub Delivery Works

The process appears very straightforward, with no delivery experience required and no long-term contracts to signs. 

  1. Amazon will deliver packages to your business. 
  2. You or your staff then deliver the packages to people in your area when time allows, using your existing vehicles.
  3. You can use the Amazon app to help guide you through deliveries. 
  4. You get paid for every package you deliver via direct deposit each week.

To apply on Amazon’s website, you’ll need:

  • Ownership or permission to operate from the owner of the entity you’re applying with
  • A certificate of insurance which you’ll need to submit to Amazon
  • Business entity documents such as a state business registration number or tax ID

If you’re interested in learning more, Amazon has a free webinar on their website. There are also Amazon Hub Delivery events where you can meet in person or online to learn more. Find events in your area.