10 Federal Teams Up with storagely For online rentals

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Mar 13, 2024 11:47:00 AM

10 Federal Storage has selected Storagely as their self-storage website platform. This collaboration will leverage Storagely's online rental system to enhance the tenant experience and increase the return on investment for storage facility owners.

Andrew Capranos, President of 10 Federal Storage, shared his enthusiasm about the partnership. "After exploring numerous options, Storagely stood out not just as a vendor but as a partner that was different from any other in the market," said Capranos. "Their unique approach and technology are truly changing the game."

One benefit of the Storagely platform is that it enables customers to rent storage units in 30 seconds or less.


"Working with Storagely has been an enlightening journey," said Jacob Mortensen, Vice President of Operations at 10 Federal. "Their expertise in digital marketing complements our operational knowledge perfectly, setting new standards for marketing in the self-storage industry."

The collaboration introduces innovative features aimed at both attracting and obtaining new tenants by streamlining the rental process and significantly improving satisfaction levels. "By removing the friction from the rental process, we've already seen impressive results and immediate wins," Capranos added.

Highlighting the strategic shift towards more effective marketing strategies, Capranos explained, "Previously, we couldn't clearly measure the impact of our Google Ads spending. Storagely's dashboard changes that, offering clear insights into our rental marketing sources and enabling us to refine our strategies with precision."

Mortensen also pointed out the broader industry implications of reducing reliance on Google Ads. "This approach is a complete turnaround from the norm. By focusing on SEO and enhancing our rental system, we've seen rental volumes in some markets increase by 50% in February alone."


About 10 Federal Storage

10 Federal Storage leads the self-storage property management sector, maximizing ROI through innovative technology and strategies. The company is dedicated to providing seamless and superior renting experiences, pushing the industry towards more efficient, customer-centric solutions.

About Storagely

Storagely is at the forefront of the self-storage industry with its pioneering online rental system that leverages built-in marketing tools and a reporting engine that is unmatched. The platform ensures higher rental rates through a customer-focused design, setting new industry standards for digital engagement and accessibility.



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