The SAFE Co Introduces Revolutionary Containers With 4-Point Delivery System

Posted by msmessenger on Oct 5, 2021 12:00:00 AM

The SAFE Co, a Canadian company, has introduced a line of revolutionary portable storage units offering four different delivery systems on their containers. The Quick-Build units offer the maximum in flexibility to accommodate virtually any delivery system the operator or end user employs.

In addition, SAFE Co (Store Anything Fast & Easy) is expanding its scope in the United States by selecting USAFE Inc. of Chicago, Ill., to be the company’s U.S. Master distributor. USAFE will provide sales support, marketing, training, and dealer recruitment.

The new Quick-Build line features three models and six standard sizes. Additionally, all of the units can be customized to fit irregular lots or non-standard spaces.

“We are the only container supplier that offers four different delivery systems,” states John Smith, founder, president, and CEO of The SAFE Co. “This means that new or existing operators have options on how best to deploy their rental fleets. Some will be adding our containers to their fleets utilizing their existing delivery systems and others will be adding a mobile component to their existing static storage business. Either way we are able to offer all users more options.”

Two of the new Quick-Build container lines have a four-point delivery system, which is new to the portable storage industry:

  • Forklift—All Quick-Build units have forklift guides built into the base frame that allow easy loading and unloading whether flat packed, setup, loaded or empty.
  • Crane—Four lift points to move units with a crane or other machinery.
  • Wheel Receivers—Chassis wheel receivers and D rings allow for popular rollback delivery systems.
  • Man Portable—Two workers can place units into limited access areas where rollback or other systems are not feasible.

All components are completely man portable and can be carried into locations with restricted access like underground parking or inside buildings. The containers are manufactured with galvanized steel for its durability and anti-rust properties. No tools are required for assembly, which usually can be done in minutes.

The containers have a standard 7-foot width and height and are available in lengths of 40 inches, 7 feet, 10 feet, 13 feet, 16 feet, and 20 feet.

Introducing The Quick-Build Series

The SC ELITE Series is manufactured with 1mm 20-gauge galvanized steel walls for maximum durability. It comes standard with an elite self-storage lock, a four-point delivery system, and powder coating. The unit can also be custom insulated and it’s available in a large range of colors to match any company’s brand.

The SC ELITE is designed to be stacked three-high when set up and eight-high when flat packed and moved by forklift even when full with a 100-psf load rating.

The SC ELITE can be custom ordered with a number of options to suit the user’s needs, including double doors, shelving, connector kits, vandal bar, and heavy lift kit.

The SC PRO Series is made from 0.8mm 22-gauge galvanized steel and is designed to be the workhorse unit for portable storage operators.

THE SC PRO series standard features include forklift guides and crane lift points. Optional features include the wheel receiver kit, powder coating, self-storage lock, shelving, vandal bar, connector kits, and heavy lift kit.

The SC ECO Series is made of lighter gauge galvanized steel and is an economical entry-level unit for mobile operators. The unit is best used for indoor or outdoor static storage. The ECO unit is ideal for placement where additional supply is needed quickly at a self-storage facility or to accommodate portable storage in a yard, construction site, or warehouse.

The SC ECO series standard features include crane lift points, built-in forklift guides, and key lock with pull handle locking system. Optional features include powder coating, self-storage lock, shelving, connector kits, and vandal bar.

All Quick-Build units can be assembled in minutes without tools and powder coated in almost any color. SAFE Co is offering an industry-leading 10-year full warranty on the Elite, seven years on the Pro, and five years on the Eco series Quick-Build products.

The units can be ordered in custom sizes and features. “We will be one of the few operators across the world that will offer custom built containers,” says William Diaz, USAFE’s vice president of business development. “We’re able to get custom sizing with side door placement, insulation, and by length, width, or height. There is nothing we can’t do in a custom container.”

For easy and economical transporting, Quick-Build products can be flat-packed with up to eight units per stack and 32, 10-foot units in a 40-foot-high cube container.

Self-storage operators can use the Quick-Build containers to begin a portable storage business or to add to an existing facility where it’s not feasible to build new structures. Instead of paying for bricks and mortar that can’t be moved, many self-storage owners are opting to spend less money to set up portable storage containers as a way to increase existing supply.

American Dealer Network

With dealer opportunities available in most states, USAFE and The SAFE Co have formed an alliance to build a dealer network in the U.S. as well as Central and South America.

“The USAFE/SAFE Co alliance offers more options to support our dealer network, whether it be inventory, site layout and design, sales training, and support,” Smith says. “More people in more places is always better and as we build out a network in the U.S. and worldwide, we are better able to respond to the needs of our dealers.”

USAFE will staff a sales and marketing office for the U.S. distribution of the SAFE Co product line at its 225,000-square-foot warehouse in Chicago. The warehouse contains a 90-unit self-storage facility and a showroom to display the Quick-Build units.

The company can design a site plan for new and expanding facilities to illustrate the optimal unit mix with Quick-Build containers. “Facility owners don’t have to sink funds up front as with traditional build outs,” Diaz says. “Quick-Build portable units can be phased in as needed or as budgets allow.”

Diaz notes one self-storage operator in Indiana was facing an occupancy rate exceeding 95 percent and needed to add infill units to accommodate new business. The operator added 32 Quick-Build units that matched his company’s color scheme to the facility’s supply and immediately increased cash flow.

USAFE and The SAFE Co provide new and existing storage operators with as many options as possible to give them the ability to compete with the REITs and other big players.

The company is the only storage rental provider with a full line of storage containers for sale to end users. This unique option gives operators another revenue stream to add to their business.

“We are trying to help the self-storage industry add a level of service options rarely seen to date,” Smith says. “Now you can add the service of providing storage where and when the customer wants with four different delivery options that fit the operator’s equipment. We believe that we are the future of the industry and giving operators more profitable options is the answer.”

The SAFE Co is quickly becoming the operator’s choice for reliable, scalable, secure on demand storage.

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Company: The SAFE Co (Store Anything Fast & Easy)

Headquarters: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Contacts: (Canada) John Smith / 877.867.9075

(U.S./International Dealers) William Diaz / 844.279.7212, Ext. 307