Will new Bluetooth tech send keypads the way of the payphone?

Posted by Poppy Behrens on Apr 17, 2018 12:00:00 AM

4 Things You May Not Know About Bluetooth

 It’s the little blue icon that follows you everywhere: from your phone to your headphones and your car’s audio system to your Nest thermostat, Bluetooth has become an integral part of the way we interact with the world around us. But…what do you really know about this everyday technology that packs a big punch?Fire up your wireless headphones and press play on your favorite techno playlist, because we’re about to take a look at the top 4 fascinating things you might not know about Bluetooth!

  1. Bluetooth could help save your life. Literally. As healthcare technology has grown by leaps and bounds, its reliance on Bluetooth technology has become undeniable. The process of record-keeping and updating patients’ charts is now more accurate than ever with Bluetooth wireless downloads and instant transfers of information — less human error, less problems!There’s also the ability with wireless technology to track the health and wellness of patients once they leave the hospital. Some pacemakers are now equipped with Bluetooth so doctors can be alerted if anything goes awry with the patient’s ticker.
  2. It’s been around since 1998. While most of us were enjoying the ever-durable and stylish Nokia 5110, a Swedish engineer by the name of Dr. Jaap Haartsen was developing a wireless technology to transmit data within short distances. His goal was to replace the need for cables when connecting headsets to personal computers. It’s probably safe to say that the current span of Bluetooth technology has surpassed even his wildest expectations.
  3. Bluetooth communicates via radio waves. When we think of radio waves, our first instinct is to picture AM/FM frequencies, but that isn’t quite the case here! Bluetooth utilizes very low-frequency radio waves (between 402 GHz and 2.480 GHz) which is in the same communication plane as a lot of other devices you probably use: garage door openers, baby monitors and some cordless phones. This new frontier isn’t very dramatic and new after all.
  4. It’s an expert at multitasking. Did you know some Bluetooth devices can be connected with up to 7 different other devices at the same time? When 2 or more devices are linked up, it’s called a piconet, or Personal Area Network (PAN). With Bluetooth 4.0, you can have up to 7 devices all connected at once without interfering with one another. How? Because this new generation of Bluetooth technology doesn’t rely on long-term device linking. They communicate, then disengage from each other. Think of it as a quick chat between devices rather than an extended conversation with that one relative who likes to talk…and talk, and talk.

These little radio frequencies have packed a big punch in the technology market. As of 2017, annual Bluetooth product shipments surpass 3.6 billion! As you start to realize just how many of your household products use this technology, consider the idea of bringing your self-storage security to the next level with smart locks, such as the SecurGuard powered by Nokē.

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