Why Your Self Storage Facility Needs an Integrated Payment System

Posted by Admin on Aug 10, 2022 12:00:00 AM

Electronic Payment Options Transform the Self Storage Industry

Businesses in every industry are making the move to electronic payment options, and self storage is no different. The modern consumer base prefers online and digital payments because they are easy, fast, and secure.

The storage industry professionals at 6Storage have the inside scoop on the various ways integrated payment gateways will transform your self storage business.

Improve Operations

Online tools manage transactions, so you don’t have to worry about running the payments yourself, saving time and labor.

Meet Consumer Demand

Your tenants are mobile, and they want mobile options. Payment gateways enable your tenants to make payments online and from their phones from anywhere at any time.

Save Time and Increase Efficiency

Save time on administrative tasks by allowing tenants to pay automatically online. This reduces the overall workload as your staff doesn’t need to take as many payments over the phone or in the office.

Manage Multiple Locations with Ease

If you own more than one storage facility, some payment gateways let you consolidate payment management for all your locations through one interface.

Lightning Fast Payments 

Unlike depositing and processing checks and cash, payment gateways make digital transfers instantly. Say goodbye to waiting and making multiple trips to the bank. Enjoy transactions as fast as your fingertips.

Instant Confirmation

Tenants receive confirmation that the system accepted their payment within seconds of completing the transaction. Instant confirmation improves their experience by giving them peace of mind knowing they sent the correct amount of money to the right place.

Upgrade Payment Security

Online transactions offer security through encryption technology. This method is more secure than mailing cash that can get lost in the mail or checks that can bounce when deposited.

Capture the Attention of More Customers Online

Many customers are looking for businesses that accept digital payments or allow them to shop online. Don’t be left out in the cold! Your tenants are looking online for storage as well. Having a website ready to process their rental will bring in more revenue. 

Simple Set-Up with Big Rewards

Electronic payment methods offer quick and easy setup methods. They do the heavy lifting for you with simple and seamless integration.

Modernize Business with Contactless Technology

The pandemic showed us just how vital contactless technology is for businesses. It streamlines operations and eliminates unnecessary touchpoints.

Eco-Friendly Self Storage

Switching to digital payment options reduces the use of paper. The simple switch to sending online invoices saves thousands of sheets of paper and reduces waste


Save money on paper, printing supplies, and postage by focusing on online notifications.

Increase Reliability with Automatic Payments

Tenants can easily set up recurring payments to better manage their payments without much effort. In addition, automatic payments ensure on-time bill payments each month. 

Less Late payments

Automated notifications, emailed invoices, recurring payment options, and convenient access help tenants stay on top of their rent. These features also help your storage staff keep labor low since they don’t have to spend as much time sending follow-up notifications about missed payments.

Store Customer Data

Online payment portals conveniently store tenant data in one place, eliminating paper waste and cluttered file management. It’s convenient for tenants because it removes the need to re-enter their information every time. 

Payment Tracking

Tenants can easily view their balance, payment history, due date, and more in one place, which helps them keep organized and pay rent on time.

Enhanced Reporting

Transparency, real-time access, and insights offered by payment gateways help keep your self storage business financially organized.

Succeed with Self Storage Solutions from 6Storage

6Storage’s software integrates with the best third-party apps to keep your facility running smoothly. Our newest payment partnership is with Paya Merchant Services. Paya delivers innovative payment solutions that drive exceptional commerce experiences

Owning and operating self storage facilities requires a strong foundation in order to succeed. Accelerate achievements with smart self storage solutions. 

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