Whirlwind Steel Buildings' Ongoing Commitment to Green Practices

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Apr 9, 2013 12:00:00 AM
In celebration of Earth Day 2013, Houston-based Whirlwind Steel Buildings, an industry-leading manufacturer of eco-friendly metal buildings, has reiterated its commitment to sustainable, green building practices.
Few consumers realize just how eco-friendly steel buildings are, said Whirlwind president Ty Sturdivant. “Compared to traditional construction materials like wood, concrete and brick, steel is one of the most eco-friendly materials available to builders and contractors. Factor in energy-efficient modifications like cool metal roofs and ENERGY STAR® roofing products, and steel buildings offer a level of sustainability that simply can’t be matched.”
Sturdivant specified three enviro-friendly benefits of Whirlwind’s steel buildings:
  • Recycled Steel – Unlike typical building materials, roughly 25% of the steel used in metal buildings and framing is recycled. In fact, the Steel Recycling Institute estimates an average 65 million tons of steel are recycled annually – more than paper, plastic, glass and aluminum combined. Recycling steel reduces energy consumption during the steelmaking process and preserves valuable natural resources.
  • Cool Metal Roofing – Cool metal roofs offer building owners another way to save energy and protect the environment. By reflecting solar heat back into the atmosphere, these innovative roofs reduce surface temperature and control heat transfer into the buildings they protect.
  • ENERGY STAR-Qualified Roofing – ENERGY STAR-qualified roofing products can further reduce cooling demand –10 – 15% in many cases – and lower roof surface temperature up to 10 degrees F. As an ENERGY STAR partner, Whirlwind Steel offers over 30 ENERGY STAR metal roof color options to help building owners cut energy consumption – and costs.

“We know that customers want to save time and money on their metal buildings,” Sturdivant explained. “At Whirlwind, we give them a way to save the environment at the same time.”

About Whirlwind Steel Buildings, Inc.

Founded in 1955, Whirlwind Steel Buildings, Inc. is an industry-leading manufacturer of agricultural, institutional, residential, commercial and government metal buildings, metal building components and metal roofing and wall systems. Headquartered in Houston, the company has IAS-certified manufacturing plants in Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma and Minnesota. Products in the Components and Private Manufacturing Services division include metal roofing for residential, agricultural and business uses; self-storage units; boat docks; airplane hangars and steel municipal buildings. For more information about Whirlwind Steel Buildings, please call (800) 324-9992 or visit https://www.whirlwindsteel.com.