Wanted: Reliable, Hard-Working Employees

Posted by MiniCo on Nov 11, 2013 12:00:00 AM

Wanted: Reliable, Hard-Working Employees

Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorders Make Stellar Team Members

According to www.autismmclean.org, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)now affect one in 150 individuals. These adults are persistently overlooked and under-employed. But Todd Ruderman, owner of Value Store It Self Storage, knows that they have great potential to become great employees. And he knows that better than anyone in the self-storage industry. In fact, over the last several years Ruderman has employed six adults with ASD to work at several of his facilities. “These employees will not be late,” he says. “It’s great! Their jobs

are more important to them than the paychecks. They look forward to work and they follow instructions to a tee. Plus, they don’t get distracted.”

Although multi-tasking can be an issue at times, adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders enjoy learning as well as training others. They are attentive to details; maintain an exceptionally high level of accuracy; perform well on complex, repetitive tasks; and easily memorize detailed facts, figures, and systems. Adults with ASD also can develop highly advanced technical skills. To boot, they are straight forward, honest, and loyal to their employers.

Hiring adults with ASD is proven to boost company morale and productivity for non-disabled employees. In addition, employing adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders creates a positive public image for your business in the eyes of your customers and community.

Moreover, businesses that employee adults with ASD receive tax credits for doing so. Companies receive up to 50 percent tax credit per employee, depending upon the employee’s number of hours. “I want other people to do this. And there are more reasons to do it than not to do it,” says Ruderman. “There is a growing population of adults with For more information about how your company can hire adults with ASD, visit www.autismkey.com/autism-organizations to find a local ASD job placement organization. “These organizations and businesses do all the leg work to find good candidates for the job you are seeking to fill,” Ruderman says. “They will match the individual’s skills to the job description.”

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