Victorville Self Storage Rental Specialists Got Storage Offering New Options to Those Moving Home

Posted by MiniCo on Aug 8, 2012 12:00:00 AM

Victorville Self Storage Rental Specialists Got Storage Offering New Options to Those Moving Home

Leading Victorville self storage rental experts Got Storage have recently updated their service offering to clientele by including new options for those that are in the process of moving home. The company’s new services are designed to ensure that Got Storage is the one-stop for clients to fulfill each of their house-moving requirements.

With many clients utilizing self storage areas while they’re in the process of selling a property and moving to a new one, having access to moving products through Got Storage helps them to save time researching other providers and sourcing products. One example of the latest solutions to be added to the Got Storage catalogue is their U-Haul rental service.

Through this service, clients can rent their moving vehicle directly from the team at Got Storage. This means that on the day of their move, clients will be able to remove their products directly from the Got Storage’s Victorville self storage rental space and then pick up their U-Haul truck ready for transporting their items directly to the new property. And, because the company has integrated high quality driveways within their storage units; each exceptionally wide for ease of vehicle access, clients will experience no problems transferring their personal items to the U-Haul truck.

Another benefit offered by the new services from Got Storage is that the company will now provide clients with boxes and other moving supplies to ensure that they have a seamless moving day.

The new home-moving services offered by the team at Got Storage are add-ons to the already superb services that the company currently offers to clientele. From their cutting-edge security systems that feature closed circuit and taped surveillance to their highly trained customer service specialists who advise each new client on how to make best use of their storage area, Got Storage is the leading company for all types of storage requirement.

Clients who wish to reserve a unit through Got Storage can contact the company or complete their order online via the organization’s website at