TruckLoads Of Profit: Rental Truck Trends That Deliver Big Benefits By Suellyn Newey

Posted by MiniCo on Jun 16, 2014 12:00:00 AM

TruckLoads Of Profit: Rental Truck Trends That Deliver Big Benefits By Suellyn Newey

truck Indeed, owners and operators have a lot of questions on the topic of trucks. Some of these questions include: Where do I get affordable insurance on a truck that will be driven by customers? Who does the maintenance and upkeep? What model truck and extras will I need? How many trucks will I need in order to be successful? Is the truck just a depreciating asset when it’s not in use and is there a way to offset the expense? Can I put my facility name, address and telephone number on the truck? Many self-storage operators are surprised that a rental truck may be the most versatile, hard-working promotional tool at their command. Examples of the benefits include:

• A truck is an advertising gold mine. With eye-catching graphics emblazoned on both sides, the truck is a mobile billboard that can boost the facility’s exposure to its target audience increasing brand awareness;

• The truck can be offered free of charge to those moving into your storage facility, increasing occupancy, and it can be rented to customers moving out, providing a profit center for the self-storage facility;

• A free truck for move-in can also be offered to the customer rather than discounting storage space or offering the space free for the first month, which hits the profit and loss statement;

• The use of a truck showcasing the self-storage facility and its services can be used to donate to community civic, charitable and educational organizations. The storage facility owner is doing good, while doing well;

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