The Lock Up Celebrates the Holidays with $25 Unit Specials

Posted by MiniCo on Nov 22, 2013 12:00:00 AM

The Lock Up Celebrates the Holidays with $25 Unit Specials

Streamline the holiday experience and let The Lock Up handle the storing. Spend time with loved ones and friends and put the stress of storing extra holiday boxes on The Lock Up.

For the second year, The Lock Up Self Storage has put together a Holiday Special featuring low cost storage units that will help to make this holiday season the best – and most stress-free – yet. Holiday gift buying is a big task in itself. Trying to find a place to stash the presents away from the prying eyes of children or spouses can be tricky. Don’t resort to prying open walls in an effort to avoid spoiling holiday gift giving surprises.

The Lock Up has an effective and economical solution.

From November 22, 2013 to December 31, 2013, rent a 5’x5’ unit for as low as $25. A minimum of one month stay is required, availability is limited and this offer is only for new rentals. If a 5’x5’ size unit is unavailable at the chosen location, a slightly larger unit may be substituted for the same price (speak to the site manager for details). This Holiday Special is available at all Lock Up locations except for Northfield, Illinois, Honolulu, Hawaii and Branford Connecticut.

The Lock Up Self Storage’s Holiday Special is a great way to ensure that gifts remain a secret until the moment they are opened and it makes it much easier to celebrate this season in style. The holidays are traditionally a time for parties with friends, family and co-workers, but when gatherings are large, the issue of porting big furniture around is a big problem.

With The Lock Up’s special seasonal rate, it’s easy to afford having furniture or any other items that eat up precious party space put away safely. Store a dining room table that only seats four and make room for one large enough for all to enjoy a holiday dinner together. Open space up and make it more festive for the big party. Moving extra furniture into a Lock Up Self Storage unit is a simple and creative way to get the extra space needed during holiday season.

“Between shopping for gifts, hosting events in the home or office and possibly having out of town guests staying under the roof, one is bound to feel overwhelmed. One of the best ways to alleviate that is to create some breathing room in the form or more open space! Don’t worry about finding the perfect hiding place for gifts, or where to push aside a room full of furniture to create space for the big party. Let The Lock Up be the simple storage solution,” says Andrea Carnes, Vice President of Operations for The Lock Up Self Storage.

As an added bonus, The Lock Up will accept deliveries, so surprise gifts can remain a surprise. In addition, the new storage leases allow for the use of the The Lock Up’s free move in van, which makes moving large furniture into the Holiday Special unit trouble-free.

(via PRWeb)