Breaks Story on TMZ Naming Nabila Hannis as Buyer of Famed Tila Tequila Storage Unit

Posted by MiniCo on Feb 22, 2013 12:00:00 AM Breaks Story on TMZ Naming Nabila Hannis as Buyer of Famed Tila Tequila Storage Unit, America’s fastest growing website for self storage auction hunters, is naming Nabila Haniss as the buyer of the storage unit formerly owned by Tila Tequila, a model and television personality. Hannis, who has appeared on Storage Wars, purchased the unit for just under $3000 at a storage facility in the Hollywood area. The story appearing on earlier today, mentions Haniss’ attempts to contact Tequila about the storage unit and its contents, and also gives a sneak peek into the contents, which include “self-portraits, a personal diary, racks of clothes, pictures, Louis Vuitton bags, and personal memoirs.” To view images from the locker please visit the blog here. Now that the name of the new owner of the Tila Tequila storage unit has been revealed, speculation on social media channels and throughout the blogosphere is turning toward the actual contents of the unit. There are some images and brief descriptions of the contents, but is reporting that Haniss has left the contents of the locker largely in their original state, as she is in talks with several television networks to air a one-hour dig and discovery of the contents of the unit. “Much like the Paris Hilton storage unit, the Tequila unit is getting a lot of attention from the public. There is a certain fascination the public has with getting an unfettered, unfiltered look into the personal life of a celebrity.” Storage Treasures CEO Lance Watkins continued, “We’ve seen studies that you can tell as much or more about a person from going through personal belongings as you can having an actual relationship. A storage unit gives a view into personal lives that no reporter or photographer can deliver.” About is a free self-storage unit auctions locator and self-storage finder covering the US and Canada. offers comprehensive storage auction schedules, site specific guidelines and online storage auctions for auction hunters and facility owners throughout the US and Canada. is partnered with industry leaders to develop best practices that ensure storage auctions are conducted within the law and that facility owners, tenants, buyers, and auctioneers are protected. More information about can be found at or by calling 1.800.213.4183.]]>