Storage Wars TV Show and Charitable Outreach Efforts Win Local Storage Company Widespread Admiration

Posted by MiniCo on Jul 18, 2013 12:00:00 AM

Storage Wars TV Show and Charitable Outreach Efforts Win Local Storage Company Widespread Admiration

Doug Hunt, owner of Access Self Storage, never thought of the storage industry as particularly glamorous until the TV show Storage Wars came knocking. The A&E network program, “Storage Wars: Texas” is a popular realty show depicting auctions of unclaimed goods at storage facilities around the state of Texas.

Auctions have been a fact of life at self storage facilities for some time, especially when its a poor economy, many tenants have trouble paying their bills. Whenever rent falls too far behind the self storage facility owners can auction off the contents of the unit in order to recover the unpaid rent. What makes these auctions dramatic and a spectator’s spectacle is that participants are required to bid on entire lots, never knowing the contents of any one lot until they win the bid.

Having hosted several Storage War episodes at a number of their 6 storage facilities, Access Self Storage has had the opportunity to witness the show’s success up close. Some bidders hit the bonanaza with valuable items hidden among the abandoned goods while others only find the detritus and left behinds of other people’s lives. Win or lose for the bidders, its been a boon for the show’s producers, the storage facilities and a source of endless entertainment for the home audience.

Access Self Storage has leveraged their success with the show by helping do what they enjoy most; Raising money for their local communities. On the airing of their premier appearance on Storage Wars, the Hunt family hosted Neighborhood Watch parties in an effort to raise money and toys for local disadvantaged kids. The partiers comprised tenants and staff from Accesses’ 6 locations who were all asked to donate toys. Each toy was matched with a $5 gift from Access which was all then donated to the Lancaster Outreach Center. Storage War Auctioneer, Walt Cade, was part of the festivities and helped make the fund raiser an even bigger success.

Beyond Storage Wars, Access Self Storage has earned a stalwart reputation as a supporter of many charities in the DFW metroplex and in their local communities. Their contributions to causes ranging from education to feeding and clothing the hungry has earned them praise and awards from various quarters including; The Rocky Strickland Community Enhancement Award, the Lancaster Education Foundation and the Lancaster Outreach Center.

Inquiries about Access Self Storage should be directed to Doug Hunt at 214-742-9499 or doug(at)ownersmanagementco(dot)com.

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