SiteLink Users Process Record Online Rentals, Reservations and Payments

Posted by Poppy Behrens on Apr 5, 2016 12:00:00 AM

SiteLink Users Process Record Online Rentals, Reservations and Payments

Self-Storage Owners are Embracing Online Rentals

Raleigh, NC. March 31, 2016 — SiteLink, the global leader in web based software for managing self-storage operations of all sizes, reports a record number of its clients processing rentals and reservations on websites and from call centers.
“We have been offering online rental technology since 2008 at no extra charge,” said Markus Hecker, SiteLink’s Chief Operating Officer. “More than 4,700 users, or half of all SiteLink Web Edition customers, now offer rentals, reservation and payments online and at call centers.”
The launch of SiteLink eSign™, a free built-in service to electronically sign and store leases, letters and forms, has spurred the acceptance of online move-ins. SiteLink eSign lets tenants complete leases electronically online, by phone, by email and at stores. Tenants can sign using a mouse, keyboard, signature pad or a finger on a tablet or smart phone.
“SiteLink eSign is the best option for signing and storing leases,” said Jay Allardt, owner of Community Storage. “It’s not only free, but offers more than other ‘add-on’ electronic signature services that are harder to launch and manage.” SiteLink’s lease auditing feature instantly displays all form-field data for each electronic lease, including the street rate, tenant rate and any variance between the two.

Record Number of Users

“More than 1,200 stores have executed over 200,000 documents with SiteLink eSign’s electronic signature feature,” said Jim Ferguson, SiteLink’s National Accounts Manager. “Single and multi-store owners alike use SiteLink’s built-in tools to compete with and beat even the largest storage companies.”
This success and rapid acceptance results from the large number of web designers integrating with SiteLink. “SiteLink is easy to work with,” said Chris Baird, President and CEO of Automatit, an industry-leading web developer, “they also offer the most open API. Developing online rentals and adding SiteLink eSign is straightforward and reliable using the SiteLink API.”
Complete online move-ins are made possible with SiteLink eSign.
SiteLink’s features, fast website integration and large number of technology partners let single-store operators compete with REITs and larger companies.