Self-storage Thefts in Indianapolis, IN Under Investigation

Posted by MiniCo on Jul 11, 2012 12:00:00 AM

Self-storage Thefts in Indianapolis, IN Under Investigation

Indianapolis Metro Police have a person of interest talking with detectives about 50 storage units that were broken into early Monday on the city’s west side. Police said around 3 a.m.,  thieves broke into Access Self Storage in the 8500 block of Rockville Road. Locks were cut and items and vehicles stored on the property were ransacked.

Access Self Storage said several storage unit businesses along Rockville Road have been hit by thieves over the past several months. Fox59 News discovered that IMPD responded to 20 calls for buglary, larceney or vandalism at Access Self Storage since April 1. The business said they have security cameras lights, a security gate and are being proactive in keeping the property safe, but some tenants like Gary Butcher said they should do more.

“There’s no way to deter it when you’re not putting effort into on site security or lights that actually light up and work. The last time they broke in, they actually knocked all the cameras up into the sky. Sometimes they’ve been getting in through the gate code.” “We’ve had resolutions like this in the past from IMPD, where it’s come out successful. We think they they’ve got some pretty good leads right now, so we’re confident they’re gonna do the same for us again,” said Ryan Prock with Access Self Storage. Some tenants we spoke with said they are removing some of their more valuable items from their storage units. Others said they are moving out and going somewhere else. Even though it is not required, Access Self Storage, like many storage unit businesses encourage tenants to carry insurance on their personal items that are being stored.