Self-Storage Operators Use Text Messaging to Communicate More Reliably, Lower Delinquencies

Posted by MiniCo on Sep 24, 2013 12:00:00 AM

Self-Storage Operators Use Text Messaging to Communicate More Reliably, Lower Delinquencies

SiteLink, the leader in self-storage management software worldwide, introduces text messaging to storage operators as the latest means to communicate with tenants, staff and leads. As more managers and owners look for innovative solutions to improve tenant communication and streamline collections, SiteLink delivers.

SiteLink has added seamless text messaging of notices and alerts to other existing communication options including HTML emailing, electronic document signing and storing, robo-calling and print outsourcing. Text messaging complements existing communication and delivers results where email and other methods may fail to reach tenants or lack responses.

“Consumers are searching for, reserving and actually renting storage utilizing their mobile devices more than ever. Unfortunately, typical emails often aren’t able to be read in time,” said Markus Hecker, SiteLink’s COO. “SiteLink’s text messaging capabilities improve delivery speeds and read rates.”

Studies indicate that desktop computers will soon be replaced by mobile devices for researching and shopping including self-storage. Text messages ranging from birthday wishes to collection notices reach tenants on their mobile devices, the method of choice to communicate. Mobile behavior research shows most consumers respond to a text message in 90 seconds compared to taking 90 minutes to reply to emails, on average.

“The results of integrated text messaging are instant and easy to measure,” said Gene Klemens, an SMS Resources’ owner. “On average, texting reduces the time to collect from delinquent tenants and lowers the number of past-due accounts noticeably. Storage owners enhance not just collections, but also customer relations by sending alerts marking anniversaries, maintenance and other events. Texting also allows them to reclaim a significant number of staff man-hours that might be spent in other collection efforts; thus getting more return and productivity on-site.”

SMS Resources seamlessly integrates SiteLink Web Edition and the SNA Collections Manager program to boost collections, reduce bad debt and lower time to process delinquent accounts.

About SiteLink

With more than 7,000 installations worldwide, SiteLink Web Edition is one of the industry’s most popular software programs. Quality service, updates and user-friendly design make Web Edition a favorite of single- and multi-store operators alike. More than 70 of top 100 operators run Web Edition today. Regular, automatic updates deliver integrations with technology partners like RPOST, Late 2 Lien and DocuSign. Web Edition is highly scalable and easy to deploy. SiteLink does not bundle services and lowers operating costs by giving owners a choice in partners like web designers and credit card processors. At no additional charge, Web Edition integrates with platforms like smart phones, websites, listing services, INSOMNIAC KIOSKS and central mail providers. Powerful features like revenue management, built-in CRM, email and text messaging grow revenue and lower the cost of owning software.

Please contact Markus Hecker at (919) 865-0789 x1 or markus(at)sitelink(dot)com and visit for more information.

About SMS Resources

SMS Resources seamlessly integrates texting connectivity with SiteLink Web Edition and the SNA Collections Manager to improve communication with customers, staff or administration. SMS Resource functionality offers long and short code services, bulk messaging, built-in analysis, customizable messages, quality support and more.

Please contact Gene Klemens at (877) 264-8352 or gene.klemens(at)smsgatewayresources(dot)com for more information.