Self Storage Expo Asia 2014 Explores Growth Potential For Self Storage In Southeast Asia

Posted by MiniCo on Jan 16, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Self Storage Expo Asia 2014 Explores Growth Potential For Self Storage In Southeast Asia

Self storage in Southeast Asia is still in its infancy and therefore provides a great investment opportunity due to the potential growth available. So far in every country where a self storage facility has opened, the concept has worked successfully.

Self storage began in the USA in the 1960’s but only came to Southeast Asia in the early 2000’s. The concept has proven successful in Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore, where opportunities still exist for expansion. Hong Kong, for instance, has grown from only 11 self storage facilities in 2002 to over 150 today. When benchmarked against the number of facilities per capita in the USA, Hong Kong still has the potential to grow by over 500%.

There are fewer than 3,000 storage facilities in Southeast Asia, serving a population of over 2 billion individuals. By way of comparison, the state of Florida in the USA has over 3,000 self storage facilities serving a population of only 19 million people.

The USA has over 50,000 facilities serving a population of 300 million people and 117 million households, or one facility for every 5,714 people. In Southeast Asia there are 2 billion residents, and only 3,000 facilities, or a ratio of 740,597 people per facility. If China, where the industry is nascent, is excluded, the rest of Southeast Asia provides just one self storage facility for every 290,735 people.

If Southeast Asia was to grow its self storage market to the same penetration levels as the USA, this would mean constructing over 350,000 facilities, or a 11,566% increase in the size of the industry.

The Asian self storage market is beginning to boom with new operators and investors coming on board and now is the time for you to become involved.

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