Roost Launches Service to Enable Peer-to-Peer Storage in San Francisco

Posted by MiniCo on Aug 22, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Roost Launches Service to Enable Peer-to-Peer Storage in San Francisco

Roost, an online peer-to-peer marketplace for storage and parking spaces, today launched a new chapter in the ‘Sharing Economy.’ Roost’s discovery platform brings people together for storage solutions and thereby revolutionizes the $24 billion dollar self-storage industry.

Renters can search for storage and parking spaces using filters such as geographic location, access, size and storage type. They can view hosts’ profile information, including public reviews and ratings to help them make more well-informed decisions. Roost also connects hosts and renters through a private messaging system, so that details can be ironed out before bookings are confirmed.

Hosts can create one or multiple storage space listings on Roost, set pricing terms and manage the availability of their space through a dynamic calendar. Payments, including recurring payments for long-term rentals, are automatically and securely deposited into the hosts’ bank accounts.

“We aim to help people store their stuff through our unique online sharing platform,” said Jonathan Gillon, Co-Founder and CEO of Roost. “We bring people together and put extra income in the hands of San Franciscans who can earn extra income by sharing their unused space. By helping people find low-cost storage nearby, we make storing your stuff easy. That’s what being a good neighbor is all about.”

“We want people to think about space as an opportunity,” said Bonnie Lai, Roost’s technical Co-Founder. “We think this will encourage people to reevaluate their storage options, save money and make storage a much more pleasant experience.”

Roost goes beyond being just a platform. Safety and security are heavily prioritized with features such as identity verification, insurance coverage, safety guidelines, best practices, background checks, and reviews. These are some things you won’t get with storage options today. So the next time you’re thinking about renting a storage unit, or cluttering your garage, Roost it instead.

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