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PayNearMe, the electronic cash transaction network, today announced that E-SoftSys is integrating PayNearMe’s cash payment option directly into its industry-leading Self Storage Manager software. The integrated option will be available to all Self Storage Manager clients by the end of April, 2014. StoragePRO Management Co., a boutique 3rd party property management and consulting firm specializing in California self-storage properties that operates 28 self-storage sites, will be the first customer to implement the combined cash-payment system in its daily operations. By integrating with E-SoftSys and leveraging existing partnerships with self-storage management solutions, PayNearMe helps the majority of nation’s self-storage operators to accept electronic payments from their cash-paying consumers.

PayNearMe is the simplest, quickest, and most convenient way for self-storage operators to accept cash and for consumers to pay for rental units with cash. To make a cash payment using PayNearMe, consumers simply bring their PayNearMe payment code to one of more than 17,000 participating payment locations, including 7-Eleven®, ACE Cash Express and Family Dollar stores nationwide, and pay with cash at the register. In contrast to outdated, traditional walk-up bill payment systems, consumers don’t have to fill-out any forms or wait in long customer-service lines. Instead, they can make cash payments 24/7 in less than 60 seconds. They can even take advantage of PayNearMe’s mobile payment option, the nation’s only mobile cash-payment system. By integrating PayNearMe, Self Storage Manager posts consumer payments immediately and accurately into the software storage that operators already use every day.

“We are excited to offer all of our clients a fully integrated remote cash payment option through PayNearMe,” said Kat Shenoy, CEO of E-SoftSys. “This new system ensures that tenants pay only the correct amount and that their payment data flows into our tenants’ payment ledger in real time so that no mistakes occur.”

“By integrating PayNearMe with Self Storage Manager, operators will be able to reduce on-site cash payment traffic and allow their respective staffs to attend to leasing and other aspects of managing successful self-storage businesses,” said Christopher Volgenau, vice president of business development at PayNearMe. “The partnership with E-SoftSys and StoragePRO’s adoption of PayNearMe validate the value that PayNearMe provides to storage operators across the U.S.”

By enabling users of Self Storage Manager software, such as StoragePRO, to accept electronic cash payments at thousands of retail locations nationwide, PayNearMe not only dramatically simplifies the process of paying with cash for consumers, it also reduces the risks and costs associated with handling cash onsite. Storage operators no longer have to worry about employee theft, fraud, or the need for additional security. Because PayNearMe transactions seamlessly flow into the software that staff use on a daily basis, PayNearMe also eliminates the human errors that can occur when staff need to enter cash payments manually and reconcile them with rental accounts.

“Reducing the cash payments that our onsite managers handle frees up their time to focus on leasing and operations,” said Steven Mirabito, CEO of StoragePRO. “We also expect to reduce the delinquency rate by giving our tenants the ability to pay at a convenient dollar store, 7-Eleven or ACE Cash Express location across the street from their homes or across the country. Tenants can even pay 24/7. This solution provides clear value to both StoragePRO and our tenants. We’re delighted to be the first to roll it out.”

With the integrated solution, self-storage managers can determine the correct, required payment amount. They may also opt to absorb the minimal cash transaction fees, similar to the manner in which merchants pay nominal fees for credit card transactions.

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PayNearMe is the electronic cash-transaction network that enables consumers to pay rent and utility bills, repay loans, buy tickets, make online purchases and do much more with cash. Consumers can conveniently make payments on their own schedule and in their own neighborhood in less than a minute at one of over 17,000 trusted locations including 7-Eleven®, Family Dollar® and ACE Cash Express® stores across the United States. For more information, please visit:

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