Outshine Your Competition this Spring

Posted by Danielle Lachenauer on Apr 30, 2018 12:00:00 AM

Outshine your competition this Spring

~By CJ Steen, Everbrite, Inc.


The most important first impression your facility will have is its curb appeal.  You always want to outshine your competitors! With spring cleaning on everyone’s mind, it is the perfect time to refresh your facility with some inexpensive tricks.


Now is the time to improve your signage.  Signage fades and may be several different shades than your original intention.   Feather flags fade and get ratty pretty quickly.  They should be changed out quarterly to stay fresh and catch traffics’ eyes as they pass.  LED signs’ content needs to be refreshed weekly.  Now is the time to use bold and bright colors!  This is a great opportunity tell prospects to clean out their homes and store with you.


Amazing coatings are available that will restore and bring back the luster your doors once had. Coatings are simple enough to apply yourself or you can hire a company to do the labor.  The coatings dry much quicker than paint and are remarkably less expensive.  Your day-to-day business will not be affected by applying a coating since they dry relatively fast.


Add a pop of color with some pots and flowers.  Make sure your lawn is mowed, fertilized and weeded.  Replace bushes that did not survive the cold climate.  Adding some mulch or decorative rocks really spruce up your flower beds as well.  Since you invest money in your landscaping, make sure your manager communicates with your landscaping company on how to maintain your plants.


 Clean glass can make all the difference.  Hire someone to clean all glass on your office doors and windows to experience a real transformation.  Light bulbs should also be changed out.  It is amazing how much brighter your office can be!  Now is also the time to reorganize your store and check inventory.

With these quick and easy tips, there is no way you won’t outshine your competitors.  Different signage, refurbished doors, fresh landscaping and a clean office are a winning combo for any facility!  Happy Spring Cleaning to you!