OpenTech and PTI Australasia Partner to Serve Overseas Markets

Posted by MiniCo on Aug 5, 2014 12:00:00 AM

OpenTech and PTI Australasia Partner to Serve Overseas Markets

OpenTech Alliance, Inc., a US based technology company, announced today that it has entered into an international distribution agreement with PTI Australasia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Steel Storage Holdings. The partnership capitalizes on PTI Australasia’s 20 years of experience in the Australia and Asian region supplying access systems to self storage facilities and OpenTech’s 11 years of experience developing its INSOMNIAC self-service kiosk solution. Together the companies will bring the latest in automation to the Australasian, Southeast Asia and Middle East markets.

PTI Australasia will sell and service a line of INSOMNIAC self-service kiosks designed specifically for the respective markets. The self-service kiosk allows customers to rent a self-storage space, make a rental payment (with cash, or credit card), purchase a lock, check their balance, and purchase tenant insurance while the on-site management is not available or the office is closed. The INSOMNIAC software integrates with leading property management software such as SiteLink. Steel Storage Executive Chairman, Jon Perrins, the driving force behind the deal, said “We have been watching OpenTech for several years, they have continuously improved their products by listening to their customer base, but what they were missing in our part of the world was local expertise, which is where PTI Australasia comes in. We are excited to be partnering with them on this side of the globe and feel our customers will be too.” Mike Connolly, Executive Vice President of Business Development for OpenTech Alliance, Inc. says investing in the Australasian, Middle East and Southeast Asian market is as part of the companies’ long term global strategy. “Prior to the recession in 2009 we installed a few kiosks in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, but we were not able to consistently provide the same high level of customer service we offer in North America, so we retreated. As a result of the success we are having again domestically and the confidence we have in the PTI Australasia organization, we are ready to take another run at expanding our footprint globally.” About OpenTech Alliance, Inc.

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