Posted by Poppy Behrens on Feb 23, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Trending these days, in more countries around the world, is the buzz about self-storage. Never has that been more evident than in Latin American countries. Investors now see great potential in Central and South America as host locations for new facilities. The time is NOW to celebrate all things self-storage at the Self-Storage LanAmExpo 2016, July 13 &14, Panama City, Panama.

The two-day event will be held at the Hilton, Panamá, which features a 4 ½ star hotel and modern meeting facilities with an on-site Ruth Crist Steakhouse and casino.

LanAmExpo 2016 will feature speeches from top experts in the self-storage industry, as well as local Latin American Operators from throughout the region. The Trade Show will display vendors who are involved in all aspects of the self-storage business (security, building, software, marketing, etc.).

This major self storage two-day event is being produced, in part, by Better Management Systems (Coral Springs, Florida) and it’s President David Blum as well as Jay Massirman, partner in MCSS Storage Development based in Miami, Florida. As past president and co-founder of the Florida Self Storage Association, Blum has over 10 years, assisting in the production of local trade shows. He has also has concentrated his efforts on working with clients throughout Latin America for the past twelve years and feels the time is right to sponsor this type of local event.

“Central and South America have been stellar growth markets for SiteLink,” said Markus Hecker, SiteLink’s COO. “We are excited to meet with more current and future customers in their home market, not a trade show in the US.”

Roc Hughes, Vice President, International Sales at Janus International Group states, “Latin America is the perfect opportunity for developing Self-Storage. The LANAM Expo will be a great platform for anyone interested in building a Self-Storage brand”. “The LANAM Expo’s featured speakers are true experts of our industry”.

“After the breakthrough success of conferences in Brazil, the LanAmExpo 2016 is a natural fit and underscores the storage growth in the region,” said Markus… “We are excited about seeing as many current and new clients face to face in their market.”

No expo and trade show can happen without the generous support of sponsors, and Expo 13 has three key vendor sponsors — Janus International, PTI Security Systems, and SiteLink Software.

For those interested in attending or being part of the vendor trade show at LanAmExpo 2016, visit the event’s website at and click on the Register icon or Register box, or write