Let Your Customers See How Much Space They Need

Posted by msmessenger on Jan 22, 2021 12:00:00 AM

The Questions We’re Most Commonly Asked

  • How does Calcumate work?

Simply sign up and then build your own calculator by running through 6 easy steps. As you make changes (colors, unit sizes, furniture, etc.) you’ll be able to see what your Calcumate will look like in real time. Once you’re done, just copy and paste the code snippet we supply onto any page of your website.

In short, yes! Calcumate has been designed to work on any modern platform (by now we’ve pretty much done them all) and is optimized for mobile as well.

  • Can you show me an example of Calcumate working on a self-storage website?

Sure – here you go!

  • Can I choose to display my storage units in metric or imperial?

Absolutely – the option is there when building out your own integration.

Like to know more? Here’s the rest of our FAQs.

Questions of your own? You can reach out to us via our Contact Form.

How to get Calcumate onto your website in 3 steps:

Sign-up to a free 30-day trial and start personalizing.

Choose your own colors, storage units and items.

Happy? Copy and paste the code snippet onto your website.

Reduce Unnecessary Contact During Covid

Reduce the need to speak face-to-face with your customers during Covid. With Calcumate, they’ll know what sized storage unit they need and how they’re going to fit everything in. Perfect if you’re looking to minimize contact between your staff and customers, or if your facilities are currently operating un-staffed.

As for phone inquiries, Calcumate is also the ideal tool to help your Sales team quote the right sized unit to fit their needs.

Real Storage Facilities Really Like Us

“We’ve been using Calcumate for around 12 months now and can honestly say the customers love your widget!! Highly recommend.”

– Louth Self Storage, UK

How About A Quick Demo?

Book a 30-minute video call with us and we’ll run you through how easy it is to get Calcumate onto your website.