It’s Not Just Up To The Cameras: The Manager’s Guide To Pro-Active Security Steps By Benjamin Burkhart

Posted by MiniCo on Aug 19, 2014 12:00:00 AM

It’s Not Just Up To The Cameras: The Manager’s Guide To Pro-Active Security Steps By Benjamin Burkhart

Y our facility has high-resolution color cam- eras, great security lighting, individual door alarms, multiple keypads, an office alarm, intercoms, and two big-screen plasma TVs with impressive displays. your facility is designed with perimeter fencing and barrier walls, with little expense spared on the hardware. yes, the systems at your property present a safe, secure environment to your tenants. But, do you, as the manager, really understand how to sell securi- ty? does your operations protocol really deliver active security, or is your owner’s investment in hardware really just a passive sales and marketing tool?

I’m the first to notice, and often recom- mend, the impressive security displays at modern stores. As the self-storage industry matures and grows, many markets demand the best security features, which become a big line-item in the construction budget. As a manager or managing owner, you can use those features to sell your service and space, sometimes, at premium rates. But the security of your site does not rest strictly on impressive displays and hardware. An effective presenta- tion can both boost occupancy and deter crime, which is precisely what you want.

Develop A Security Protocol 

one of the goals of your operations and sales model should be to consistently present security as a major component of your prod- uct line. this includes the systems we are all familiar with, as well as the way you handle every transaction.

“sometimes managers can get a little complacent when they completely depend on the high-tech security features on a new site,” says digitech International south central sales manager terri roberts. “managers need to take an active role in keeping the site secure, monitoring tenant activity, and making sure everything is in working order.”

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