[H1] PTI CORETM and WiZRTM: Uncovering the Benefits of Video Analytics in Self-Storage

Posted by msmessenger on Nov 26, 2018 12:00:00 AM

[H1] PTI CORETM and WiZRTM: Uncovering the Benefits of Video Analytics in Self-Storage

Traditional video surveillance offers an important line of defense against theft, vandalism and other crimes, but it’s not an ideal solution for your facility’s security challenges.

Why? Because traditional surveillance technology suffers from a fatal flaw. You either have to pay for someone to continuously monitor video feeds or view footage after the damage is done. Either way, you’re looking at additional costs to your operation.

Video analytics changes everything. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), video analytics brings efficient, proactive response capabilities to your existing video surveillance system. With video analytics, you no longer have to choose between saving money and preventing events before they occur.

PTI CORETM now offers integration with WiZRTM, the industry’s most advanced video analytics platform. Designed to identify and respond to threats in real time, WiZRTM takes your facility’s video surveillance infrastructure to a whole new level

[H2] WiZRTM brings cutting-edge AI technology to self-storage video surveillance

Artificial intelligence (or machine intelligence) has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. Once the stuff of science fiction, practical applications of AI technology are popping up across a range of industries and transforming processes for improved efficiency and performance.

For years, security professionals have wanted to incorporate AI into video surveillance technology. But hardware limitations and other technological challenges made it impossible. The emergence of video analytics bridges the gap between existing hardware and AI by allowing video surveillance systems to act more like living, breathing human employees.

With video analytics technology, surveillance systems learn to detect abnormal activities. In real time, the system identifies security threats or other targeted events, then immediately notifies the appropriate parties (e.g., owners, managers, police or security personnel). Without investing in continuous human monitoring, you can respond to events before they occur using video analytics technology.

WiZRTM is an AI-enabled edge/hybrid/cloud video analytics platform built to optimize video surveillance for self-storage operators. Using your existing CCTV or IP-enabled camera system and an integrated PTI CORETM dashboard, you receive instant notifications about security events as they happen. Interchangeable AI architecture delivers the optimal framework based on use case, enabling you to establish custom parameters and tailor the technology to your operation’s unique needs and security requirements.

The combination of the PTI CORETM platform and WiZRTM equips your operation with a customizable and comprehensive video analytics platform – an AI-powered video surveillance tool tailored to your facility’s most urgent security and operational challenges.

[H2] 5 ways WiZR’sTM video analytics improves security and efficiency in self-storage

Today’s self-storage customers expect facility operators to provide first-rate security and response capabilities. In addition to protecting their property, customers expect self-storage providers to ensure their personal safety, especially when they require after-hours access to their storage units.

As a self-storage operator, safety and security are clear priorities. But operational efficiency is important, too. Technologies that drive cost savings and operational improvement contribute to financial performance and give your operation a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

PTI CORETM with WiZRTM integration improves security and operational efficiency in several important ways:

  1. Machine learning means better security at a lower cost.

WiZRTM‘s edge-based computing enables autonomous cognition – simplified, the system has the ability to “think” and “learn” without human intervention. By independently identifying security threats or other events and automatically triggering the appropriate response, PTI CORETM with WiZRTM integration reduces your facility’s dependence on human staffing, while providing continuous coverage via highly intelligent video surveillance technology.

  1. WiZRTM video analytics facilitates the creation of “sterile” areas.

Video surveillance systems with AI capabilities allow you to define “sterile” areas, with a wimple point and click of a mouse on the screen, where any unusual movement is treated as a triggered event. When the system identifies a triggered event, it brings the incident to the attention of anyone monitoring PTI CORETM Live and notifies the appropriate parties through an email or text message. To reduce false alarms, WiZRTM references custom parameters so the system recognizes and ignores movement originating from trees, wildlife or other non-threatening sources.

  1. AI-powered video analytics results in better system performance.

The human brain is hardwired to alternate between periods of attention and distraction. As a result, even highly trained security professionals can misidentify or overlook security threats captured by surveillance cameras. Video analytics eliminates the possibility of distractions and provides constant, error-free monitoring of your facility’s defined surveillance areas.

  1. WiZRTM helps you monitor the activities of managers, staff and customers.

To improve operational performance and efficiency, WiZRTM offers FILO (First In, Last Out) monitoring capabilities for property management staffing. With WiZRTM, self-storage operators receive notifications when the property manager arrives and leaves the office. Similarly, WiZR’sTM video analytics monitor customer activity and traffic areas to optimize staffing levels and analyze customer behavior throughout the facility.

  1. Zero-delay response times are the new normal.

Every second counts when security and safety are on the line. But delayed response times are inevitable with traditional video surveillance. Even live video monitoring requires time for security staff to identify the nature of a threat and determine an appropriate response. WiZR’sTM incident management eliminates delays by facilitating pro-active response in real time. When a security or operational event occurs, it triggers an instant notification to the facility owner, operator, police or security personnel.

[H2] Considerations when choosing a video analytics solution for self-storage

Advanced video analytics presents the single best opportunity for improving security and operational efficiency in your self-storage facility. Although many video surveillance solutions promise the world, few offer the features and benefits self-storage operators need to leverage AI and video analytics for meaningful business improvement.

The PTI CORETM platform with WiZRTM video analytics integration is designed to help self-storage operators maximize the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Additionally, the combination of PTI CORETM and WiZRTM addresses key issues that you need to consider when choosing a video analytics solution for self-storage:

  • Upfront and ongoing costs – Decisions about video surveillance technology hinge on the solution’s cost. Since WiZRTM works with your current video surveillance cameras, it requires no upfront investment in additional video hardware. Going forward, the combined capabilities of PTI CORETM and WiZRTM generate significant cost savings by reducing or eliminating the need for live video monitoring.
  • Compatibility with existing systems – PTI CORETM with WiZRTM integration ensures compatibility with your current IT infrastructure. Designed to function as a plug-and-play solution, WiZRTM seamlessly integrates with your existing analog or IP-based video system.

    Cloud-based architecture
    – PTI CORE’sTM cloud-based architecture extends the functionality of WiZRTM by providing anytime, anywhere access to the security status of your facility. Featuring a single, centralized view of video feeds and security alerts, you can sleep easier knowing you are constantly connected to your operation.

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