Fourth Smart Storage Facility by Green Storage Opens in Sweden in under 14 Months

Posted by msmessenger on Oct 15, 2020 12:00:00 AM

Fourth Smart Storage Facility by Green Storage Opens in Sweden in under 14 Months

After building their first self-storage facility in April 2019, and being the first to bring a smarter, more convenient and secure storage solution to Sweden, Green Storage opens their fourth smart facility located in Bromma, Stockholm in just 14 short months. The 500 unit facility is located at the intersection of Ulvsundavägen and Norrbyvägen at Bromma Airport. With two more facilities currently under construction, it’s safe to say they are taking the industry by storm in the Stockholm and surrounding communities.

“We believe we have a good understanding of what people really want – and that’s simplicity. Today, most people spend a large part of their lives on their mobile phones and taking advantage of the self-serve convenience that so many other industries offer. People should be able to do the same with storage.”

– Mats Steijner and Stefan Nilsson, Owners of Green Storage

Unlocking self storage unit with mobile phone

Sleek, Sexy, and Anything but Traditional

At Green Storage Bromma, customers are welcomed by the super modern and uniquely designed storefront featuring their signature eye-catching, green signage and entry points that the area has come to know and trust. Complete with large windows showcasing faux doors to further enhance curb appeal and customer awareness, this sexy high-tech smart storage facility is anything but traditional.

Inside are hallways that are brightly lit from above with environmentally friendly, motion sensor LEDs and grey unit doors that contrast the clean white walls for a sleek and open feel. Clearly marked signage hangs throughout the facility to help guide tenants every step of the way, with elevators that feature both mobile entry points and stylish décor that showcases their impeccable attention to detail.

Hallway with grey storage units using electronic smart locks

Customer Convenience with Top Notch Security and Operations

Partners Mats Steijner and Stefan Nilsson have a 20-year background in the self-storage industry, and sought to bring their expertise to new heights with the development of Green Storage. “From day one, we said that Green Storage should be simple, convenient, and smart” Steijner commented of this new facility.

Green Storage Bromma offers the entire customer journey to take place from their mobile device. From selecting the unit, contract signing and payment to immediately receiving a digital key providing access to gates, man doors, and elevators, all the way down to the individual units. Green Storage’s primary focus is on making everything as simple, smart, and sustainable as possible for their tenants. With the Nokē® Smart Entry system, there’s no longer a need to purchase unnecessary expensive locks, only to be cut or thrown away later. Instead, tenants can easily download the custom branded mobile app to digitally access the Bluetooth, electronic smart locks while ditching the hassle of lost keys and forgotten gate codes – simple, smart and environmentally friendly.

Green Storage Bromma Smart Storage Facility

The facility is truly 100% digital and with this high level of automation, tenants are treated to an enhanced customer experience that doesn’t require them to wait on overworked managers to carry out their daily storage activities. Steijner and his team can remotely monitor facility and unit activity making their lives easier and their stress levels significantly reduced compared to a traditional self-storage model. The site managers aren’t bogged down with manual processes like lock checks and overlocking, collecting monthly payments, or physically unlocking units for new tenants to move-in. With their property management software integrated with the Nokē Smart Entry system, these labor-intensive tasks are done automatically.

However, their facilities do not go unmanned and the owners and/or site managers are onsite at each facility daily. “The smart entry system simply enables us to do more with less” says Mats Steijner, Partner at Green Storage. This smart solution also keeps delinquent tenants from accessing the facility and their unit until their account is paid in full, at which time access is automatically restored.

Navigating the Pandemic

Big or small, nearly every new self-storage development is faced with unique challenges at some point in the process. Though often preventable with an experienced team, no one could have predicted the setbacks of the unforgettable COVID-19 pandemic. Although Green Storage experienced some delays, opening was only set back by a few months, which is a lot to be thankful for in the midst of unprecedented times. Considering all safety precautions, Green Storage Bromma was able to forge ahead and successfully open the doors to their fourth ultra-modern, customer-centric, smart storage facility in the Stockholm area.

By offering a completely contactless 24/7 solution with the Nokē Smart Entry system, Green Storage is not only able to provide enhanced security and customer convenience but a safer, more secure and sanitary self-storage experience during COVID-19 and beyond.


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