CSSA Offers Free Human Resources Products to Its Members

Posted by Poppy Behrens on May 18, 2015 12:00:00 AM

CSSA Offers Free Human Resources Products to Its Members

When a company tells you that it has a great product to make your life better, the first thing to cross your mind is probably “What’s the catch?” But when it is the California Self Storage Association (CSSA) offering up a great new service to its members for free, there is no catch. It is all part and parcel to what the CSSA does. Being a member most definitely has its benefits.

The CSSA is pairing with the California Employers Association (CEA) to provide members with a free Human Resource Hotline. CEA is a Human Resource consulting company that has been providing HR support to business owners in California for over 75 years. CSSA provides HR information and support by email at ceainfo@employers.org.

CSSA members also will receive a monthly newsletter (The California Employers Report) as well as the “CEA Weekly Update” – a weekly bulleting sent via email that highlights current HR issues and provides timely information on employment law developments in California.

“The human resource realm has changed dramatically over the last 10 years and we feel that by adding this free accessibility to the vast wealth of California Employers Association information and services, we will help our CSSA members in a substantial way,” said Erin King, Executive Director of the CSSA. “We are constantly looking at ways to improve self storage in our state and this human resource addition will hopefully be used by all our members. It is free, after all!”

CSSA members will have a login to use for the site’s benefits. The CSSA will get monthly reports from the CAE about the types of calls received from CSSA members and the CSSA, in turn, will use that information to structure future classes and membership benefits. The CEA also will contribute to a revamping of the CSSA employee manual for members for 2015. Members who previously purchased the manual will get the update for free – the updated template will remain priced as it was in 2014, only $299.00.

The CSSA’s new benefit is set to kick off on June 1 and the CSSA also expects the manual template to be available on the same date. King hopes that members will make good use of the offering to answer any and all human resource questions and needs.