GA Self Storage Attorney Publishes Book Benefitting Cancer Institute

Posted by Modern Storage Media on May 4, 2012 12:00:00 AM

After almost 25 years of practicing law, Scott I. Zucker has joined the ranks of other seasoned lawyers who have turned their legal writing skills into the world of fiction writing. Scott’s first book, Chain of Custody was released the in January, 2012 by Authorhouse Publishing and is available at and

In Chain of Custody, Matt Taggart is a hard working young associate attorney at a prestigious Washington, D.C. litigation firm. He is married with a one year old daughter. Matt’s day to day life is unremarkable until his father, a U.S. Senator, is killed in a small plane crash. Was his father’s death was a suicide or a homicide? Assisted by a woman investigator from the National Transportation and Safety Board, Matt begins his quest to learn the cause of his father’s death. During his investigation, Matt finds himself drawn into the corrupt world of defense contractors and the inner-workings of the Pentagon. As Matt gets closer to the answer, he must balance the work of his law firm, the ethical dilemmas of defending a large pharmaceutical company in a wrongful death case and his feelings for his wife as he becomes emotionally closer to the woman that is sharing his adventure.

“Writing a fiction book was something that I always wanted to do,” said Zucker. “I wanted to tell a story in the context of the law but that had some adventure, mystery and intrigue. It was fun to write and I hope people enjoy the story and the characters.” Zucker added “for my friends in the self storage industry, they’ll even find something about a delinquent self storage unit!”

Zucker originally had the book published with the goal of giving a few copies out to his friends and family. But when it became available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, he realized that if people bought it he wanted his proceeds of any sales to go to charity. “Any money that I earn from any sales of the book is going to the Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University. I’m hoping that the interest in the book will lead to donations for the amazing cancer research and treatment that is happening at Winship and will help raise much needed funds.”

Zucker is a partner in a law firm of Weissmann Zucker Euster Morochnik, P.C. based in Atlanta. He is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and the George Washington University School of Law. He and his wife Melanie have two children, Drew and Jack. The Book can be purchased through Amazon via Donations can be made directly to Winship Cancer Institute via]]>