All Seasons Self Storage Switches to INSOMNIAC Live! Call Center

Posted by MiniCo on Oct 29, 2012 12:00:00 AM

All Seasons Self Storage Switches to INSOMNIAC Live! Call Center

OpenTech Alliance, Inc., the leader in self service solutions for the self storage industry, announced that All Seasons Self Storage has selected INSOMNIAC Live! as their new centralized call center.

The independent operator had been using a prominent self storage vendor for several years, and after much evaluation and due diligence, came to the conclusion that he wanted more. “There was a realization among my team that our occupants and prospective tenants required more specialized knowledge at a more rapid response when calling our facility,” stated Alan Ambrose, Owner of All Seasons Self Storage.

The switch to INSOMNIAC Live! improved customer response times exponentially, and the call center experience offered much more than a generic presentation with limited range to service tenants. The callers now feel as if they are speaking with an employee of All Seasons Self Storage and can get answers and personal service without having to make a second call or wait for a call back from the manager.

OpenTech’s Self Storage Cloud service INSOMNIAC LiveAgent! empowers Storage Counselors with immediate access to comprehensive information about the facility. Ultimately, the solution is built to offer callers real time unit pricing, business policies & procedures, competitive advantages over nearby facilities, photos of your property, directions to your facility, promotions, special offers and more. “The more we looked, we realized that INSOMNIAC Live! was the service we wanted to connect with our callers. It was a combination of these attributes that ultimately led to our decision to make the change,” continued Ambrose.

Robert A. Chiti, President and CEO at OpenTech Alliance, Inc. said, “We have been able to create the next generation call center by delivering what self storage operators want, prompt service from a knowledgeable person. We are proud that we have made a positive impact on All Seasons Self Storage’s business.”

A proud sponsor of the 5th Annual Southeastern Self Storage Convention & Tradeshow, OpenTech will be exhibiting the INSOMNIAC line of self service rental solutions at the Holiday Inn, Wrightsville Beach on October 28th-30th, 2012 (Booth #303).

About OpenTech Alliance, Inc:

A pioneer in self storage automation, OpenTech Alliance is the leading developer of innovative self service solutions for the self storage industry. Their trail was blazed by offering facilities 24 hour self service automation through a complete line of INSOMNIAC™ Kiosks. Today, the innovation continues with a full range of self service rental solutions that include; Self Storage Cloud Services, INSOMNIAC Live! Call Center, INSOMNIAC Online web & mobile applications, LiveAgent! software products and the INSOMNIAC ILock System. OpenTech products and services increase revenues, reduce operating costs and improve customer convenience for self storage businesses. For additional information, please click or call an OpenTech Business Development Manager at (602) 749-9370.