4 Reasons Why You Should Use A Metal-Over-Metal Re-Roofing Solution

Posted by Betco on Jun 1, 2021 12:00:00 AM

A top-of-the-line self-storage facility requires top-of-the-line roofing. A reliable roof is just as important as the foundation of your facility, and there are a couple of reasons why it may be time to consider a replacement. This blog will cover four common reasons you may need to invest in a new roof, and why a metal-over-metal re-roofing solution may be the best route to take.

1) Leaks in Self-Storage Roofing

Roof leaks are far more common than you may think. There are a slew of reasons that your roof can begin to leak, and a lot of damage can be caused if the issue is not resolved. Let’s review some of the most common causes of leaks:

  • Damage or holes in the metal panels can be caused in many different ways including surface erosion from heavy wind, hail, or rain, as well as from penetrations caused by the installation of HVAC vents, drains, and antennas.
  • Pooled, stagnant water from clogged gutters or eaves can create rust spots.
  • Closure strips around gutters and eaves can erode or shrink over time, creating leak points along walls and doors.
  • Seals and seams in screw-down roofing are not always sealed correctly, allowing water to seep through.
  • If the facility has R-Panel roofing, the exposed fasteners can loosen as the surrounding metal panels expand and contract in different weather conditions. This leads to surface rust, mold issues, and leaks.

You don’t want your self-storage business to become obsolete because of a leaky roof. Patching and sealing will only hold up for so long, so updating your roof is an important consideration for the long-term sustainability of your facility.

2) A Damaged Metal Roof Leads to Damaged Tenant Property

The main goal of a self-storage facility is to protect your tenant’s belongings. They are trusting you with their personal items, so it’s important from foundation, to doors, to the metal roof – your facility can protect a tenant’s property. It’s especially important to keep an eye on your roof maintenance, as many of the opportunities for property damage come from the top down.

Water damage from leaks can be a costly issue. Many tenants store expensive items like furniture, mattresses, and recreational vehicles, but even smaller items like clothing, bedding, or files can suffer from water damage. Leaks can also infect the insulation. Wet insulation can cause mold within a unit which also contributes to the damage of a tenant’s belongings and can even cause the unit to be unsafe to enter. Furthermore, damaged insultation, or even a complete lack of insulation, can cause extreme temperature changes inside the unit. This can wreak havoc on any items being stored.

If you have a reliable roofing system in place, there will be less of a chance for your tenant’s belongings to be subject to damage.

3) Energy Efficiency of Metal Roofing

It’s important to strive to have a facility that is as energy efficient as possible. Not only is it mandatory for your self-storage facility to meet the required energy codes, but it can save you money in the long run. There are a couple of ways your metal roof can help increase energy efficiency at your facility.

  • You can choose ‘cool colors’ for your metal roof panels, which reflect sunlight rather than absorbing it and transferring the heat inside the building.
  • Metal panels are completely recyclable, which allows you to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Consider implementing solar panels to increase energy efficiency.
  • Adding insulation to your metal roof helps to regulate energy use. A Re-Roofing solution creates a space between the old and new roof, creating the opportunity to install new insulation for a more energy efficient facility.


4) The Aesthetic Impact of Your Metal Roof

The overall appearance of your self-storage facility needs to convey that this is a legitimate business, where a potential customer can feel safe leaving their belongings. A rusted-out roof negates the image of security and reliability. If a customer has to worry whether their property will face damage, they most likely will not pick your facility for their needs. It’s just bad for business.

An ideal roof is appealing while maintaining a low maintenance design. Most recently, many owners are utilizing standing seam roofing systems, taking aesthetic advantage of their clean and sleek lines. Standing seam roofing does not have exposed fasteners like R-Panel roofs, and they can better withstand expansion and contraction under extreme temperature conditions. Most standing seam systems last over 20 years, making them one of the better systems to install. Cheaper roofing solutions may have lower initial costs but tend to not last as long.

As an added bonus, metal panels are available in a wide variety of colors which can help you further your branding efforts.

What Exactly is Metal-Over-Metal Re-Roofing, & Why Could it Be a Better Alternative?

In a nutshell, Re-Roofing is the installation of a new, long-life metal roof over an existing metal roof. This solution makes ripping off your old roof completely unnecessary, and it’s done in a non-disruptive and cost-effective manner. There is no down-time, so in turn there is little to no disruption for your business or your tenants.

For some owners, a full tear-off and replacement may not be a convenient, economical long-term solution. Re-Roofing systems are adapted to the existing roof’s structural support system. They provide long-life expectancy and reduced life-cycle costs. A Re-Roofing solution offers reliable performance without sacrificing building aesthetics.

The advantages of a Re-Roofing solution are vast:

  • Fewer, or less, tear-off expenses
  • Greater impact resistance
  • Increased curb appeal
  • Ability to add strength to existing purlins
  • Tax benefits


Taking care of the roof at your self-storage facility is mandatory. It impacts a large portion of your business, and if not properly maintained, or replaced when necessary, can cause detrimental issues. A metal-over-metal Re-Roofing solution can help to improve your business at a reduced cost, and with many additional benefits.