Free E-Book on Driving Revenue for Self-Storage Facilities


Explore new ideas and insight on how you can grow revenue for your facility!

Topics include:

7 Proven Methods for Improving Occupancy  –   Explore proven techniques for successfully gaining occupancy at your self-storage facility. With a little planning and sweat equity, you too could increase your occupancy rate and grow revenue.

Profitable Protection – Tenant Insurance Boosts Bottom Line  –  Learn how selling tenant insurance creates recurring, predictable monthly income. For many owners, operators and managers, tenant insurance is their most profitable offering.

How to Create a Retail Environment that Wows  –  Can you drive revenue with a retail store at your facility? Yes! Competitive pricing, effective displays, and upselling with kits are just a few strategies discussed to help you move more product (and generate more income).

Mixed-Use Storage – Mixing and Matching to Gain NOI  –  Incorporating office space, warehouse and workshop space, and retail into your self-storage facility is a smart concept. Look at how you can develop different income sources to increase NOI and attract more people to your storage business.